Monday, August 23, 2010


Got my first dibs on Food Photography. My friend Jedd gave me a call and asked me if im available for a shoot for their new business venture. As an event photographer. I am not well informed and i just thought that i'll take pictures of the place and the guests. Surprisingly, mouthwatering dishes marched in front of me that made me drool. You got to try their crisypy pata (shown above). Literally its to die for. Its sinfully good.

Not only they'r dishes are good, but the drinks as well. They serve Mock Drinks like this. They call this one "Extra-ordinary Cucumber" and this one will definitely quench your thirst. I dunno whats in it but it will surely soothe the thirst on that hot sunny day.

Now this one is another favorite. Chicken, shrimp dressed up with spinach sauce skewered to its succulence! This is so good. A personal favorite.

Now this one is another favorite of mine. Im not really good in describing food but il do the best i can. hehe. This is like served with this thick creamy sauce packed with shrimps and clams. A seafood delight!

This appetizer is really good and you will love the dip. Im not at my best in critisizin the food. I just love to eat them. Theres ham and i think cheese is inside that puffy dish. Very tasty and its really good.

Watch out for Belisario's opening probably this september. Great food, cozy place, a great hang out for those seeking for fine dining but affordable. Im sure id go back and I hope you too will enjoy the place.

Happy eating!

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