Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ra Men Oh

Katsudon is a popular Japanese food. Its a bowl of rice topped by a delicious deep fried pork or chicken cutlet, usually with some eggs and some seasoning. This kind of Japanese food is one of my favorites along with tempura and sashimi... Theres this place at Katipunan Avenue that serves delicious Japanese rice toppings, that place is no other than Ra Men Oh. Its located at the 2nd floor of  J&R Concon Center, Alvero St. Loyola Heights, QC.If you're coming from UP, turn right at Shakey's, go straight and you will see there food places. Theres a big sign of Ra Men Oh you wont miss it.    Photo on top is their delicious Oyako Don. It's really gooooood. The chicken meat is so nice and tender. Seasoning is just right. Rice is well cooked. It's a very hearty meal. Champion talaga to. 

Their Katsudon is one of the best! I love it! It's breaded pork on top of steaming rice. Meat is soft and tender as well. Pork is easy to chew...and it tastes really good. I highly recommend this dish! I think this is one of their best sellers! If you're on a diet, you have to pause it for a while because this dish is insanely good....

Two of the best rice bowls Katipunan avenue has to offer! Oh yeah thats what i said in to my instagram post regarding this picture. These dishes are so good that you would probably ask for another bowl. Just in case i pass by katipunan and im feeling of having some rice toppings, Ra Men Oh  will probably flash into my head! 

After that delicious meal, ending it with a really nice dessert is like a 3 point basket that won the game in overtime. They wanted me to try this amazing Chocolate Mousse. Ate, one of the staff said she made it and she served those jars to me with a smile in her face. No wonder, these are sooooo good. It's not too sweet. its not to bland. It's just perfect! I love this. This is a perfect way to end your fabulous meal. Order this, you wont regret it. Thank you so much! Im sorry i didnt get your name...thank you! Sarap nito ate! 

When I entered the restaurant, you will see there glass cabinet full of these. That image got stuck inside my head and I cant help myself to order one macaron. Gladly I didi because its so damn delicious! Quite pricey though, 25 pesos per piece but i do understand why because these macarons needs some serious culinary  skills to bake. I love this so much. This puts the extra M on YuMMy!

Interior is nice and simple. Clean, well lit. and i love that part in the middle where you can "indian sit" as you eat your food. Sitting on the floor with your knees tucked in makes dining a little more "japanese-ish" that is if you just feel like it. But chairs would be fine to me. :)  The staff are very charming. Very accommodating and always wears a smile.  It's a really nice place! Its not that big but it has a plenty of room.  

Price range is not that expensive. The katsudon is only 145 pesos per bowl while the Oyako Don sells at 120. For the menu and their prices you can visit their facebook page here . You might wanna try their other delicious dishes as well.  Ra Men Oh will soon run a deal at Ensogo-LivingSocial real soon! Watch out for their great offer! Simply log on to ensogo.com.ph and buy the voucher! 

Many thanks to Ms. Kim, thank you so much for that delicious white chocolate spread that i just tried on my pandesal and it was insane! Its really delicious! Also to Sir Kirby for having this opportunity. Thank you! For all the staff! You're all awesome! To Ate! (sorry didnt get your name mam.. ) your Chocolate Mousse is the best! 

Till next time! More food adventures coming up!  


  1. Will try the resto today. I hope it is open.

  2. Pls do sir! Food there is really good!


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