Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Patio Vera

Honestly, I never tried chicken pork adobo on a skewer before. This dish is so damn good i cant stop eating it. The sauce penetrated like a sponge. The flavor is just absolutely delicious. This definitely is one of the best chicken pork adobo  I ever had. Embark to this delightful experience at Patio Vera. One of the best place to dine and enjoy great filipino, spanish food. 

This paella is simply sublime. It's really delicious... Im a seafood addict and this is just my thing here. I ate this one down to the last morsel. It's that delicious. It has full of flavor. The mixture is just perfect. No words can describe it.. You just have to taste it for yourself and be whacked by its gastronomical bliss. No wonder why people always order their paella. It's really delicious! I guarantee you will enjoy this! 

They also serve home made potato chips. Potatoes, sliced really thin and fried  to perfection. It has no  preservatives and its awesome with its home made dip. This is one perfect appetizer. Im sure you will love it. 

 You will be astonished by the things you see around. Antique furnitures. Old chinas..old paintings It's like a time machine that sends you back to the spanish era. By the table, you will see there old pictures just underneath the glass.  It's  a very nice idea actually. It's a really nice conversation piece. I would love to do this some day. But i dunno if im gong to put my pictures there.. 

What I really love at this place is the ambiance. The outdoor set-up is just perfect. The garden and the landscaping is well maintained. It gives you that zen-like feel as you dine here. You will hear cascading water all over the place from numerous water fountains everywhere. I think your date would be impressed if you bring her here! Here at Patio Vera, you'll simply mesmerize with everything you see. It's peaceful. It's harmonious. It's serene, all rolled in one place.

The details are just fabulous. This place is definitely a time machine. Old Pictures, antique tables.. all this things just made this place a blast from the past. Its really beautiful. I also love this worm's eye view angle because of its drapery from the ceiling. I love the print on those sheets.. Just imagine how would you keep this place clean...that is just an enormous task..

Picture above is actually an old canoe which is probably really, really old. What a genius way to convert it into  a really nice plant box. That sewing machine by the looks of it seems older than I am! One of the many interesting things around Patio Vera. 

This is their bar which houses a huge collection of wines to choose from. You will really love the nifty things you will find around. It's just wonderful! I really  love this place. According to Sir Dennis, pre-nup pictorials and videos, telenovelas, indie and mainstream film production are usually shot in here! I wouldn't be surprise because the place actually fits the environment of some scene in a spanish-colonial era. If you wanna go, rustic, old school or simply unique artsy fartsy angles and frames, this is the place to be.  This place is just awesome. 

Patio Vera is located at 70 General F.Santos St. Marikina City. Just call (+632) 239-06-15 for reservations. I would like to thank Sir Dennis and his staff for preparing the place and for the great food. We really loved it. I would also like to thank Josie and Melizza for the company. Thanks Guys! Visit Patio Vera! Dont forget to order some red wine as you munch on those steaks! It's quite an experience! Till next time! 

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