Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kogi Bulogi

I always loved eating korean food. There are probably a million reasons why. But the main reason is that Korean food is very healthy. It has rich in flavor, most of them are grilled, braised, fried in its own oil, consists mostly of green leafy vegetables and its really delicious. Last night I had another food adventure that I wont never forget. Why? Because for the first time, I went to Binondo Manila, all by myself, carrying some expensive gear, in a place that i dont usually go to... Welcome to Kogi Bulgogi, one of the best Korean Restaurants in the metro. Situated at the newly built Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo Manila. 

Photo on top is one of their best sellers, Their Kalbi. I do apologize if I mess up the names of the dish but these are the names that i did remember. The Kalbi was absolutely delicious. Its made of beef short ribs, so tender you can tear the meat up easily with your spoon. Its really delicious i tell you. The broth is absolutely fantastic!

I also experienced the delightful taste of these gorgeous soft crab roll. It is made with the freshest crab meat stuffed inside the maki then topped with tempura flakes mixed with some mayo. This is one amazing dish i tell you. Its absolutely delicious!  

I also tried their delicious Bibimbap. I mixed it all together and poured in the spicy paste and damn it smells really good. I just had to postpone my diet for the night coz i cant stop eating this one. Its bursting with flavor. Very appetizing. It compliments this next dish... 

...the Bulgogi. Man oh man this dish is by far the best Bulgogi that I tasted. I really like the sweetness of this dish. I had some Beef Bulgogi before and this one is on top of the list. The beef is so tender. Its so soft. Its really tasty. This is the one to order. I might say they are really proud of their Bulgogi they would put it on the name of their Restaurant - Kogi Bulgogi!

lastly, i tasted their delicious chapchae. Its noodles are made of potatoes as far as i remember when i talked to the chef. I just love the flavor, the taste, the mix of veggies, mushrooms and the seasoning.. Its wonderful. Its captivating and its really delicious. I really enjoyed having this one. This is not your usual chapchae. You got to try it out. 

Kogi Bulgogi's interior design is really nice. Place is well lit. It has these soft and stylish leather chairs. Its very clean and very inviting. Very nice indeed. I really like the simplicity of the place but it looks fantastic. I would love to go back here someday. Kogi Bulgogi also has branch at Eastwood City in Libis. If you want some delicious food, this is one of the place to be. Surprisingly, food here is not that expensive. One order of that delicious Bulgogi is less than 300 pesos only. Most of the dish are priced that way as well. Many thanks to Sir Marlon and the staff of Kogi Bulgogi for their warm hospitality. Thanki you so much and goodluck to you all.  

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