Friday, October 11, 2013

Mommy Dolor's Kakanin

Ever since a kid, i was a huge fan of puto and kutsinta. Every time I hear that guy honking his horn and carrying this aluminum container full of delightful snacks, i rush down and just buy a handful. It's been my favorite until now. Mommy Dolor's kakanin over at Congressional Avenue in Quezon City is simply delicious. Specially this sugar-free kutsinta. Yes! Sugar free! Perfect for those people who have diabetes and to those people whose on a diet. This is just perfect. Its actually delicious than the ordinary kutsinta.  

They also have these sugar-free puto cheese! I love it when they make sugar free food because they are giving people an option to choose a much healthier variety of goodies to buy. I love the texture, it has the right stickyness and softness of a puto...  This one is really good. Absolutely delicious! One of the best there is...

They also serve the most delicious kinds of kakanins like ube halaya, maja, cassava cakes, sapin-sapin and a whole lot more.. Right now, if ever im going to buy these delicious Filipino delicacies, Mommy Dolor's is probably the first thing that comes into my mind... No wonder some of the big restaurants and coffee shops re-sell their products. Its that good. Try it for yourself. Im definitely sure i'll drop by here once again..specially when my balikbayan titos and titas are around. Im sure they will love it here.  

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