Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yakimix! Im so excited for this deal! Always been a fan of Yakimix ever since. I so love their Sushi and their wide range of fresh seafood to grille.I so love their salmon sashimi. Its soft and tender. Its really delicious. I had a whole plate of salmon sashimi from my last visit! Definitely one of my favorites.  

Look at that! Look how fresh it is. Its like glowing or something! Looks really good in the picture,, imagine havin a bite on its soft, tender meat.. gawd.. writing this blog makes me hungry! 

 My next favorite is their wide choices of Makis. Theres a lot! You got to taste all of em to appreciate it... but then again., the classic favorite which is the California Maki is the first one that I take. Undeniably it tastes really good! 

Wheres are those chopsticks and soy sauce! Go grab a plate and lets eat!!!!

I went to their dimsum area and saw these delicious siomai hanging around...  

...and their tempuras looks crunchy! This one just came off the fryer! 

Once your done, go grab something for dessert! Go grab and pick one! Its quite hard coz theres a LOT to choose from... 

 This place is one of the top buffets in the metro. Its actually at the Top 10 Must-Try buffets under 600 pesos according to spot.ph !  I so love their food.. the ambiance.. the freedom of grilling your own shrimps.. its just a delightful dining experience! No wonder a lot of people love this restaurant so much because of the quality of their food and the service that the offer. Im am happy and honored to have a photoshoot at this place. Im trully blessed. 
Yakimix will soon launch a deal at Ensogo! Please watch out for it! This photoshoot was held at the 5th floor of the Podium Mall in Ortigas. Many thanks to Ms. Aila for this wonderful experience. And also to Divine for accommodating us in the shoot. Thank you! Go buy your vouchers! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sugar Mommy Chocolate Cakes

Sugar Mommy chocolate cakes is really delicious!!!!!!!! This is no sugar coating or something. Its is really delicious! I really want to capture that creamy chocolate in this photo. How delicious it is? Its not that sweet.. not that bland or plain either. It has this exact amount of taste every chocolate lover should ever have! These cakes will soon graze the pages of Ensogo real soon. Cake is priced at P299 and thats a great deal for a decent sized chocolate cake. Plus., its really good... swear to God. I dont really recommend stuff which is not good but this one is just heaven on chocolate... Watch out for it...

Zero Degree Manila Icebar

This is probably one of the coolest things I ever did...literally. Theres this bar in Antipolo called Zero Degree Manila Icebar that you can actually drink inside a really cold ice room! Man it was that cold. The coldest i ever been! Temperature inside was -5 degrees celcius! At negative five degrees, you will probably enjoy your drinks even better. This actually gives "Below Zero" a different meaning! 

The seats and tables are made of ice! Never seen one like it! Ice carvers change the sculptures everyday. I even saw them still carving the ice. Thats a lot of effort if you ask me.. They even make kinky sculptures sometimes.. just use your imagination...

The best part of this photoshoot is drinkin all the drinks! and I had a lot! as in! I had tequila shots, a few bottles of beers and some cocktails! 

I also enjoyed their delicious pulutan! Their sizzling hotdog is one of my favorites. I also love their onion rings! 

Their sisig is one of the best! I love it. Sisig is by far one of my favorite partners for beer. My favorite pulutan of all time. :)

 I wont leave the place without a self-portrait of course. This is my first time in an icebar and good thing i came prepared wearing longsleeves! I really had a great time with the photoshoot. It was an adventure since this is located at Antipolo which is quite far where I came from.. and it was raining really hard. But i really had a great time. Many thanks to Second for bringing me here. Such a great place. Unique and relaxing. Bright lights of Antipolo...cool breeze and drinks flooding! Its such an experience!

Solace Wine and DIne

Deals at Ensogo are getting better and better! For only 399 you will get all of this! 2 kinds of salads, 2 soups, 2 main course meals, a bibingka soufle and 2 iced teas! Imagine...dinner for two for less than 500 pesos.. thats just crazy... These are not just your ordinary dishes.. these are gourmet dishes! And it really does taste good! 

I started with their Squash soup which i really enjoyed. I just love its creaminess... its so good. I highly recommend this one. 

For my salad, i had their asian ceasar! I love it! Those fresh greens with a dash of bacon bits! Yummy!

For my main course, I had the chicken curry.. its just sooooooo gooood! Every single bite is just heaven! I so love it. This is my favorite among their dishes so far. 

Never had the chance to taste their bibingka soufle which looks really delicious!

 Apart from the delicious food, their place is simply elegant. Leather chairs, finely painted walls... Mirrors all over made the interiors look big! Its an incredible dining experience! They also serve different kinds of wines! This place is just amazing! If you want to have a great dining experience., you might wanna consider dropping by at Solace. Solace Wine and Dine is located at 914 Arnaiz St., San Lorenzo Village, Makati City. For reservations, pls call 0916-437-8917 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hotel Stotsenberg

Its my friend Philip's wedding and were all excited!  But the thing is, the wedding is at Pampanga! We need a hotel to stay just for the night. I asked my officemate Ms. Innie from travel, one of the best go to person if you wanna find a hotel in the country. She told me why not try Hotel Stotsenberg. I said sure why not. Lets make it happen. She asked her colleague Ms. Raiza to help me with the reservations. Im so happy coz reservations went smooth. We're all set! Hotel Stotsenberg here we come! 

We arrived early. Our reservation is at 2pm and we arrived at around 1pm. Good thing they lets us check in early. The hotel was great!  Everything seems to be brand new! Freshly cut grass. Newly painted buildings. High ceilings. It was great.. Love the facade and the interior. 

Their spacious lobby is one of the highlights of the hotel. They also have a 24 hour casino inside. So if you wanna try your luck, let your dice roll inside their casino. 

We were all starving from the trip. After we placed our bags in the room, we went to the restaurant and ordered something to eat. Man these guys are really hungry coz the food was gone like magic in minutes! 

After we had lunch, we went back to our rooms and suit ourselves up for the wedding. This is actually the first time i saw these guys wore suits all together! Phillip's wedding was really nice! I wonder whose next?? 

After the wedding we bought a bottle of  Jack Daniels and Pepsi (we ran out of coke) and enjoyed it right at the corridors. Just like good oL times... 

We were so wasted that night. We woke up at around 11:45 in the morning. Our check-out was at 12. Trixie, the beautiful lady at the reception told us we can check-out at 2pm.. and i was relieved coz i havent swimmed yet! So me and coach weng weng to the pool and swam at high noon! We could get skin cancer or something by doin so but we actually didnt care..  

Saw there was a gym right beside the gym and it was enormous! The equipment was overwhelming! Its all complete! From treadmills, to full weights, bench presses.. they got it there!  

We left Hotel Stotsenberg with a smile in our faces. Our stay there was really nice and i would love to go back there someday. If you happen to drop by at clark, you might wanna consider Hotel Stotsenberg. Great quality service, clean and nice rooms and the view is just perfect. Great hotel! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aling Lucing's Sisig

If you're a die hard sisig fan, then you must know where this famous filipino dish came from. Welcome to Aling Lucing's Sisig over at Angeles City in Pampanga. Where they say, sisig is ivented. I never tasted sisig this good! Its really different from the ones here in Manila. Its really one of a kind. 
What is sisig by the way? Sisig is made from pig cheeks. Its usually served on a sizzling plate. A great compliment with beer! I enjoy it with or without beer. Its one of my favorite dishes. Im so happy to finally eat at Aling Lucing's coz they say this place is the best when it comes to sisig. I totally agree!

 Here, the pig cheeks are already boiled with its secret spices and they are all ready to be Barbecued into this really hot grille. 
One by one the meat is meticulously skewered and then off they go to BBQ'd.  

 while grilling, the smoke from the meat is sooo good. arghhh.. nakakagutom lalo! 

Once done, the meat is chopped finely and then placed onto the sizzling plate. Then there goes the onions, garlic and other spices to complete the taste.. Then served sizzling hot! Lets eat! Attack!!!

We had 4 orders of sisig and 20 cups of rice! Yes! 20 cups of rice!!! Insane.. Gutom lang.  Thats how hungry we were. 

 We are so full.. as in. Niko said he wants more actually. Bitin daw. We should have ordered 6 sisigs but they can only give  us 4.. We just ordered their regular dishes like the pork caldereta which really good as well.  It was such a wonderful dining experience.. The place is not like a 5 star resto or something but the food is just great. We we're  pigging out literally..

 If you happen to drop by clark in pampanga, you have to consider dining at Aling Lucing's Sisig. If International Chef/ Food Critic Antohony Bourdain loved the food here, i bet you would as well! Busog sobra...