Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hotel Stotsenberg

Its my friend Philip's wedding and were all excited!  But the thing is, the wedding is at Pampanga! We need a hotel to stay just for the night. I asked my officemate Ms. Innie from travel, one of the best go to person if you wanna find a hotel in the country. She told me why not try Hotel Stotsenberg. I said sure why not. Lets make it happen. She asked her colleague Ms. Raiza to help me with the reservations. Im so happy coz reservations went smooth. We're all set! Hotel Stotsenberg here we come! 

We arrived early. Our reservation is at 2pm and we arrived at around 1pm. Good thing they lets us check in early. The hotel was great!  Everything seems to be brand new! Freshly cut grass. Newly painted buildings. High ceilings. It was great.. Love the facade and the interior. 

Their spacious lobby is one of the highlights of the hotel. They also have a 24 hour casino inside. So if you wanna try your luck, let your dice roll inside their casino. 

We were all starving from the trip. After we placed our bags in the room, we went to the restaurant and ordered something to eat. Man these guys are really hungry coz the food was gone like magic in minutes! 

After we had lunch, we went back to our rooms and suit ourselves up for the wedding. This is actually the first time i saw these guys wore suits all together! Phillip's wedding was really nice! I wonder whose next?? 

After the wedding we bought a bottle of  Jack Daniels and Pepsi (we ran out of coke) and enjoyed it right at the corridors. Just like good oL times... 

We were so wasted that night. We woke up at around 11:45 in the morning. Our check-out was at 12. Trixie, the beautiful lady at the reception told us we can check-out at 2pm.. and i was relieved coz i havent swimmed yet! So me and coach weng weng to the pool and swam at high noon! We could get skin cancer or something by doin so but we actually didnt care..  

Saw there was a gym right beside the gym and it was enormous! The equipment was overwhelming! Its all complete! From treadmills, to full weights, bench presses.. they got it there!  

We left Hotel Stotsenberg with a smile in our faces. Our stay there was really nice and i would love to go back there someday. If you happen to drop by at clark, you might wanna consider Hotel Stotsenberg. Great quality service, clean and nice rooms and the view is just perfect. Great hotel! 

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