Sunday, July 14, 2013

Royal View Seafood Restaurant

Royal View Seafood Restaurant is one of those classy restaurants you will find at SM Mall of Asia. If you love seafood, this is definitely one of those places that you want to visit. They have a wide selection of seafood that you will find. Taking pictures of these wonderful dishes is an honor actually... it looks so good and delicious. Tried another sandwich lighting on this crab over here. Then i stepped on the chair and took the shot straight from the top. I'd like to thank Gourdo's for the wonderful chopping board which i bought for sale :)

the lobster looks really delicious, too bad i didnt had the chance to taste it. Looks really delicious...

the scallops looks amazing as well. Styling this one is actually a work of art. I havent asked the name of the chef who styled this one... he has an amazing job working on the food... really amazing.. i actually wanna learn how he does it.

this soup is also delicious... it has sotanghon in it.. some mushrooms and some fish... i had a bowl of these.. 

Tasted this badboys over here. Shrimps..swimming in cheese! Do the usual thing in peeling of the skin off the shrimps and dip it in the super delicious cheese sauce... honestly.. my mind went blank. Its like...ugh.. delicious... absolutely delicious!

i am so happy with this photo... i wanted to incorporate the background (which is the chicken) onto the main subject on which is this really delicious chicken soup with some noodles on top... its actually one of the chefs ideas and he wanted to have that execution... he was happy with the shot actually.. i was happy as well. :) That chopping board is starting to have a general audience! Its the star for most of my food shots :) 

had another angle of the delicious crab... looks really delicious.......

Royal View's interior is just beautiful. Its very stylish. very classy.... its wonderful. It has this great ambiance that you will surely love... Great food, awesome ambiance.. its a total fine dining experience. I would like to thank Ms. Lida for being so hospitable..very hands on and for letting us enjoy their magnificent food. This is truly one great place for seafood! 

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