Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Izumi Sake Bar Lounge

Great food at Izumi
If you are dying to try one of the best Tonkatsus in town, you should give Izumi Sake Bar Lounge a try. They  probably have the best Tonkatsu I ever tasted. Izumi is located near Burgos Circle over at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Just beside Rue Bourbon. They house the best Sakes in town. Food there is really awesome. 

very delicious gyoza
I also tried their delicious gyoza. Its a taste beyond words. Simply gratifying. Its a little spicy. Not too hot though, just mild. I also love their BBQs and meatballs. You also have to try their Miso soup! Its really delicious and good for your health. 

pork tonkatsu at its best
I almost forgot, their potato salad is to die for. I love it. Its perfect for refreshing your palette after that succulent meal.  Izumi is launching a deal at Ensogo. For only 360 pesos, you will have a serving of Tori Karaage, spicy salmon, tongkatsu, miso soup, potato salad and iced tea good for three! Thats a great deal I tell you. (valued at 700 pesos)

almost got caught by the police by taking this photo
So if you have some time to chill, go grab a bite at Izumi. For sure you will have a delightful experience. Theres also a bar at the 2nd floor. They even have a dancing pole and they usually have pole dancers around to entertain you. Visit Izumi, Im sure you will have a great time.


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