Sunday, July 29, 2012


Zubuchon Lechon
Anthony Bourdain, one of the most respected chef / food critic around the world, quoted Zubu Lechon as " The Best Pig...EVER " No doubt about it, every word that he said  is true. This is definitely one of the best Lechon I ever tasted. That crispy skin. That soft, moist meat is simply delicious! 

Ensaladang Talong
 Abby also ordered some Ensaladang Talong (Eggplant salad) to balance the taste. This one is really good as well. It made my zubuchon experience more delightful! 

Kamias Shake 
Abby wanted me to try their Kamias Shake. I thought it would be really sour but its not. Its really good actually. Theres this taste of the Kamias but the added sweetness made it really refreshing! I loved it so much.

Zubu Lechon is located in different parts of Cebu. We went to their restaurant at One Mango Avenue Bldg. If you want to order a whole roasted pig, you can call (032)236-5264, and make reservations at least three days in advance. Zubuchon also offers free deliveries for locations that are within 15 minutes’ drive from the Capitol building. 

No wonder why a lot of people come home from Cebu with Zubuchon as their pasalubong. Its really good. Definitely one of the best. Me and Anthony Bourdain will vouch for that!

Casa Verde at the Terraces

Dax Steak with breaded shrimps and stir fried rice
Hello Cebu! Its so nice to be here once again! Its been a while since my last visit and I think it was mid 2006 when my sister and my cousins came home from states. Cant believe its 6 years ago. The development of the Ayala Center is just spectacular! 

The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu City
Anyways, When we arrived at the hotel, we just left our bags there and went straight to lunch. Abby told me theres a really nice restaurant she want me to try out. Its one of the best out there. They serve really good steaks and ribs. This place is called Casa Verde located at the Terraces at Ayala Center. The place is really packed! Mostly foreigners and a large number of Koreans flock the area. The food was awesome. It looks really delicious. Saw giant burgers and the largest fruit shakes ever! Photo above is the Dax Steak. The meat is soft and tender. The taste is phenomenal. I loved it so much.  

Breaded Shrimps

The steak is paired with this delicious breaded shrimps which is so good as well. Dip it in its special sauce (i believe thats mayo - special! ) and the taste made it even better! I love it. I love this dish! Im a sucker for shrimps!   

Abby ordered the dish called "Brian's Ribs" and it was humongous! Good thing we didnt order two of em coz we cant hardly one. It was so good. The sauce is so delicious. This is Casa Verde's best seller and i dont blame the people if they keep on ordering this one coz its really delicious. Meat is soft and tender. You definitely have to order some extra rice coz one is not enough. This dish is just spectacular.

Raspberry Iced Tea
 I ordered their raspberry iced tea and it was delicious. Very refreshing. A great thirst quencher. Served in a huge plastic glass. With all that food shoved into my mouth, this is the perfect drink to push it all down. Love it! 

Casa Verde's bar 
 Our lunch at Casa Verde was so good. We are full as hell and damn their food was really delicious. If you happen to go to Cebu, make sure to drop by Casa Verde and im sure you wont regret it. Casa Verde is located at the 3rd level of the Terraces at Ayala Center in Cebu. Come early so you can have your seats. This place packs a lot of people during lunch time so better hurry.

Good Eats! More to come from my overnight Cebu food craze. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spanish Sardines Pizza

Spanish Sardines Pizza by Abby Olarte
Now this is delicious! Abby wanted to make some pizza and she asked me what kind of pizza that i want.. Choosing is kinda hard but i just thought of something like a.. sardine pizza. Abby grabbed some of the main ingredients. We went to the sardines section of the supermarket and looked for some delicious, spanish style sardines we could ever find. Abby asked me if i wanted it hot or regular.., i usually enjoy eating food which is not spicy. A little will do but not to much. I just chose the regular since you can add some hot sauce if you want to. Then we bought some cheese. Not just ordinary cheese but "kesong puti" (Cheese made from Carabao's Milk). We also bought some Baby Arugula to make the pizza something out of the ordinary. We also added some black olives and mushrooms to make it more delicious! Abby had some left over spaghetti sauce. She coated the frozen pizza dough evenly then added the spanish sardines. Then she placed the kesong puti, then the mushrooms then the olives then the arugula. Placed it in the oven and let it cook for about 20-25 minutes.Voila! By the smell of it, it tastes reallllly good. Its really delicious. The sardines and mushrooms and kesong puti combination is really good! Plus the crunchiness of the baby arugula played really well.  Nice work beb abby! :) Lets do this again sometime! She prepared a couple of slices for me to take it to  lunch the next day. I heated it up at the toaster then i took a photo of it for documentation...  ;)  Visit Abby's blog for the recipe. Check out her other recipes as well!

Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka

Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka over at Cafe de Bonifacio
Im so freaking hungry right now and im actually craving for something really good. Something like this Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka over at Cafe de Bonifacio at The Podium Mall in Ortigas. I really love this dish  coz its not your ordinary sinigang. It has this added taste once you sip on the soup. It has a twist actually. Its really good I promise. Also, the beef is really soft and tender. Simply delicious. I love it so much. Damn it im like punishing myself by looking at this photo. So hungry i can eat a horse! Visit Cafe de Bonifacio over at The Podium. Food there is really great. really delicious... 

Seafood Paella
By the way, the Paella at Cafe de Bonifacio  is really good as well. Enjoy it while its hot! Im a sucker for shrimps and i definitely enjoyed this one. Foood!!! Paella... Sinigang... crave... 

Korean Pork from Manang Buenas

I had a blog post before about Manang Buenas' delicious Egg Pie which is absolutely delicious i tell you. Theres another favorite choice inside Manang Buenas' basket of goodies, her own version of Korean Pork. This is just superb! I love the taste. Its savory, a little spicy and its a kinda sweet in small amounts. The sad thing about this is that its not available everyday. When it is, its almost automatic.  

If ever Manang Buenas had restaurant, i'l be a regular most definitely. Her food is delicious. Its nice and clean and above everything else, its really affordable. For only 55 pesos, you have this really nice meal along with a handful of rice. Fits right in my budget! 

Nautica Watches

Nautica Watches now at Ensogo
The first time I saw these watches, I fell in love. I so want it but then again, its quite expensive. It wont fit my budget. I just have to let it pass this time. Ensogo has this deal with these good looking watches. You can see the deal here .  This is my first time to do light painting on products. Saw the idea from Laya Gerlock's flickr page.  That guy is really awesome when it comes to photography ideas. Visit his page, you might learn something from him. I attended his advanced photography classes by the way and its really nice. Back with the watch, look how the "seconds" hand panned.. Lovin that effect. Awesome.

I think the yellow strap is cooler
I really like this watch.. specially this yellow one. A million sighs... anyways. Maybe some other time. Im gonna buy one of those probably not now...maybe in the next few months....

thats me with anne helping me out
Here are the other models.. Looks good huh?! Check out Ensogo's deal on these fabulous watches!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Abby's Oreo Cheesecake Bars

Soft and moist. Its just soo good. I love it
Abby really loves to cook no doubt about it. She really loves to experiment in the kitchen and she really does great wonders! We had this deal at the office with Oreo Cookie Crumbs. Luckily, they gave me a sample of the product after im done with the shoot. I really dont know what to do with the Oreo Cookie Crumbs except maybe adding it in  to my ice cream . I think Abby would be the better recipient of the Oreo Crumbs coz im sure she will make wonders with it. 

Oreo Cheesecake Bars
She made this really delicious cheesecake bars. It was sooo good i ate a lot of it. She even gave me some to take it at work. So sweet of Abby. I was actually excited to take photos of it before i eat it. Discipline and patience is a virtue. I must take a good photo of it before i devour it all! The smell is so good and it was so inviting. Its really good. She actually posted the recipe for the this and you can read it at her blog
Many thanks to my beloved Abby for letting me experience her wonderful food creations! Love it so much. Hope she makes some more! hehe :) Good stuff! :) 

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Dry Chili Noodle with char Siew and Wanton
Hong Kong is one of those places I really love to dine. Food there is just spectacular. I remember my first time in Hong Kong, we went to this Chinese Restaurant and they serve really great food. They have different kinds of noodles. Wide variety of beef and pork choices. It was also my first time to eat a Peking Duck! You dont need to go to Hong Kong to experience these kinds of dishes. You simply have to go to this place that literally blasts you off to HK in no time. This place is called Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe over at SM Mall of Asia. 

Century Egg with Tender Pork Porridge
This was a surprise shoot actually. Usually they inform me a day ahead everytime I go on an outdoor shoot. But this shoot was special. I was still shooting some products for retail when they asked me to go to Mall of Asia for a photoshoot at Xin Wang. I finished up my retail chores then went straight to Mall of Asia. 

Beef Kway Teow with Vegetable (dry)

I dont usually go to Mall of Asia coz its really far from my place. Im suppose to meet Jossie, one of our beloved sales people. She will help me along with the photoshoot. That mall was so big i dont know where to go. I just kept asking where to go. The concierge said its just near the IMAX area. Good thing their sign is big enough and I did  not missed it. 

Hot Coconut Float
The place was really nice. It was spacious. Interior looks really nice and cozy. The atmosphere is really inviting. The smell of great food flooded the area. I so love this Hot Coconut Float. Im a great fan of coconuts and coconut milk. I love this. After I took a photo of this i asked permission if I can have it. At first was heaven. It was soooo good.  I love it. If you love "ginataan" this one is for you. Its a must try.

Iced Grass Jelly with Longan and Nata 
 They also have this special kind of drink. Special coz i havent tasted one yet. This is called the Iced Grass Jelly with Longan and Nata. This is my first time to taste Longan and its really good! The drink is so refreshing. It has this bits of Nata and Jelly. This one is a sure winner I tell you. A must try as well.  

Black Pepper Beef and Rice
 The beef of this dish is so tender eating it is so effortless. I tell you this dish is the bomb! Its sooo good. It has the right amount of saltiness. The taste is just bursting with flavor! Really great dish.  Also a must try.

Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop
Thats parmesan cheese over there  by the way. I so love parmesan cheese! This dish is just fabulous. Its soo delicious! The combination of the parmesan, the rice and the chicken is spectacular! Its a complete meal actually. I enjoyed eating this one. Its just so good... At this point i was so full. My tummy will burst anytime..

Everytime i write a blog, sometimes, i just dont know what to write anymore., Im lost for words somehow. I dunno how to describe it. Its kinda weird i always repeat the same sentences over and over again... Anyways, most of the food shots that i took is absolutely delicious. Really delicious. I think i havent shoot anything that does not taste good... Oh well,  we had another great photoshoot. We definitely gained weight after that. After the shoot, i have to go back to the office to finish the other products that I havent photographed yet. I brought some of the food so my other officemates can enjoy as well.  It was raining hard back then, good thing the owner of the place asked his driver to take us back at the office. It was such a nice gesture that we would never forget. We were so thankful that night coz it raining and the traffic is just horrendous.  

Xin Wang is such a nice place if you love chinese fusion food. Place is comfy. Its spacious. Very nice hardworking staff. Love their service.  Its one of those places you would love to go if you're craving for some chinese food. As of now they have a deal at Heres the link for that. For only P199 php, you will have a 400 peso Gift Certificate. Now thats a great deal!

For more info, you can give them a call at (+632)8227518 . They also accept reservations and functions. Great food, Great Place! Go visit Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Im sure your dining experience will be a blast! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie

40 Cloves Chicken
Kitchen's Best is probably one of the finest restaurants around Bonifacio Global City. Upon entering the place, you will immediately notice a fine and classy environment. Bundle it with a smell of good food, im sure your appetite will sure go berzerk. I had the privilege to take photos of the beautiful restaurant. Ensogo-LivingSocial will soon launch a really great deal at Kitchen's Best. Cant wait for this one to go live. Here are my favorite captures from the photoshoot. Photo above is their best seller, the 40 Cloves Chicken. Slowly cooked chicken with secret herbs, olive oil and some baby potatoes.  

Crackers and Dips
I enjoyed eating this one. This is the first dish that i shot and after taking the pictures, i took a piece and dunked it onto the dips... Its really good. Absolutely good... 

Kitchen's Best House Salad
Their salad is delicious as well. Its a delicious blend of salad greens tossed with Sesame Dressing. This is must try for all those salad lovers. This is a great treat! 

The soups are really delicious as well. 

Delicious Lasagna Garfield would definitely drool over
 I so love lasagnas! This one is a winner! 

Baked Salmon
Their baked salmon is really delicious. Definitely a favorite. Really delicious.   

Chocolate Macademia Brittle Cheesecake
 Time for dessert! This Chocolate Macademia Brittle Cheesecake is a slice of heaven. Its absolutely good... Cant think of the right words to say. Its just awesome. I love it. Im sure you will love it too. 

choose from a wide choice of cakes and desserts
Watch out for their deal at Ensogo coming real soon. If you happen to google Kitchen's Best, you will see a lot of food blogs talking how great their food is. They were all right. Kitchen's Best is definitely one of the best out there. I gurantee you, your dining experience rest assure will be awesome. 

  Thank you Ms Marthina for the opportunity. For letting me shoot your great food. To my lovely assistant Rose, thanks for all the help. And to the staff of Kitchen's Best, you were very kind and helpful. Thank you so much! 

Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie is located at Mckinley Park Residences Condominium 3rd Avenue, corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City. You can reach them at (+632) 478-4870 or 211-00-10. They are open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 9:30PM 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love Desserts

Blissful Carrot Cake
In every occasion, cakes plays a big part in every celebration. Blowing a candle on the cake is usually the highlight of every birthday. Cutting the cake on weddings is another. Even in simple occasions like lounging around at home in a cold rainy day with coffee, cakes are one of the best there is to eat! I have found one of the best place where you can get delicious, mouth-watering cakes and desserts your eyes will ever glaze on, Welcome to Love Desserts!

All time favorite Cake Sansrival
I had an early call for a photoshoot at Love Desserts over at Banawe. I love shooting cakes coz cakes are hard to make. It takes a lot of effort, imagination, ingenuity in order to come up with a really delicious masterpiece. I just had the privilege to take photos of these delicious desserts.  

Coconut Cheesecake with Mango Coulis 
I noticed at the store, the cakes are their main selling point but wait till you see their other creations!!! There are brownies, pies, crepes.. everything around me seems to be mouthwatering! I wanted to include them onto the photos and give an added touch onto the picture.  

Black Forest
I placed some of the brownies at the back to give a more pleasing background. I saw some colorful sprinkles, some chocolate chips.. some mallows.. i scattered some of them on the table to add some effect. Surprisingly it looks really good! I was happy with the shots! 

marbled cheesecake
The photos seems to be more interesting and it looks amazing! I rarely make an extra effort on adding elements onto the photos and I think starting now, im gonna do it in every photoshoot. It was fun letting your imagination fly. Thinkin what should we include at the background. Good thing theres a lot of things to choose from.,  like colorful plastic knives, quirky spoons and forks and not to mention, an array of colorful sweets for a good background and foreground.  

Moist Chocolate Cake
Love Cakes is located at 915 Banawe street,Cor Del monte Quezon City, 1100 Quezon City. Check out their delicious cakes, pies.. Its all good! They have their promo at Check out their great deal   
You can also give em a call to place your order. Just dial (+632)2390745

This is such an experience. I so love food and photographing them is such a delight! Hope to shoot more of these in the future! Buy your vouchers now! :) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Alex Lechon

Golden Brown to its finest! Pakurot nga! 
Lechon Lechon Lechon! Ooh I so love Lechon. But I never seen Lechon that looks like this before. It is called "Lechon Belly Roll" by Big Alex Lechon over at New Manila in Quezon City. It is like the delicious part of the lechon less the bones (and the apple at the snout). Shooting this one made me really hungry, I am dying to pinch the skin of the lechon. 

Crispy skin, soft meat. 
We sliced it in half and the smell is sooo good. I was actually asking for some rice by the time i was shooting this one coz i really want to try it. When I took a bite, the skin is so crispy! The taste is sinfully good! So delicious.. 

Its sinfully good!
Dunk it in to the special gravy for some added satisfaction. This slab over here weighs about 4 pounds and it can feed about 10 to 12 people.  

Extra rice please!
 The meat is soft and tender. It has this "tanglad" (my mom told me its called lemon grass in english) stuffing and the lechon belly comes with its own liver sauce. To place your order, just call (+632)4894050. Make sure to order in advance. Big Alex Lechon is located at 71 Santander Lane, 6th Street, New Manila QC. Watch out for their deal at Ensogo for great discounts!  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nommu Japanese Restaurant

Shoyu Ramen
Another fine day shooting food! Hello everyone. I hope you're not hungry reading this post coz this will definitely make you more hungrier.. i dunno if thats grammatically correct but anyways, Nommu Japanese Restaurant over at Tomas Morato is one of the best Japanese Restaurant joints I ever been to. The food their is simply delicious. Photo above is their Shoyu Ramen which is my personal favorite. Love to sip on this specially on this rainy season.    

Chili Mabu Tofu Ramen
This one is their Chili Mapo Ramen. If you're a fan of spicy dishes, this one is for you. The flavor is just heavenly. The tofu is so soft and the taste is spectacular.. Im sure you will love this one. Its not that spicy though. "Sakto lang" as I tasted it. Its a really good dish.

Miso Ramen
This one is their Miso Ramen. Miso is good for your health. I read an article that Miso Soup prevents breast cancer. This dish is healthy and delicious. Perfect combo! :)  

Now the gyoza is a surprise coz this one has a kick inside. Its quite spicy but really good in taste! I love it! Dip it in to its special sauce and ummmm.. its really good. Definitely one of my favorites!

Chicken Teriyaki Don
 Their Chicken Teriyaki Don I may say is one of the best ever. Its so delicious. The chicken is really delicious. It has the right amount of sweetness which i love. This is the restaurant's specialty. People who dine in here usually orders this one the most. This is a must try at Nommu.

I want to thank Mr. Angelo Reyes and his staff for the warm hospitality. They'r really nice. The place is just awesome. Its really cozy. Perfect place to relax, to mingle with friends or even bring a hot date. Food is really good. Im definitely coming back here. Please do watch out for Ensogo's deal at Nommu. It will launch real soon.

Another photography adventure that lead me to satisfying dishes and meeting new people (with their awesome rides! man sir angelo's Subaru Imprezza is awesome - I just have to blurt that out coz im a big fan of Subaru Imprezzas, its been a dream car of mine). I also had a great chat with the cab drivers along my way. What a great day for shooting.

Thanks guys for reading!