Saturday, September 21, 2013

Green Pigs Kitchen

There are a lot of great restaurants near the area of Timog Ave, Tomas Morato. But there's this place that seems really special to me. Humbly situated at Scout Torillo street, Green Pigs Kitchen is one of those starting restaurants that surprisingly gave a great impact on my taste buds. Food there is just delicious.  Just like this crispy salmon... Its so delicious. You will definitely enjoy the added crunch as you taste the rock salt right between those slices. Its really good. 

I can't remember when was the last time that I ate callos.  I really don't remember. After eating this one, it will definitely leave a mark in my memory how good this was. Ms. Elfil, one of the owners, told me that it was slow cooked in order for the sauce to thicken and have that distinct and delicious flavor. I love this so much. 

One of the most ordered, or shall I say, the favorite dish to have here in Green Pigs Kitchen is their Ribs. Its heaven. Practically a taste of heaven. It's so soft... Its so tender. It's simply delicious to the nth level! Best served with their very own mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. It's so good. This is the one to order... definitely a must. 

Also had the chance to taste their delicious pork belly. What i like about this one is that, it has less fat and more of the meat. The sauce is just perfect! The sweetness is right on the money!

This is their pumpkin soup. And this is probably the best pumpkin soup i ever tasted. Its rich, it's kinda thick and it smells really good. Always ask for a bowl (or a deep plate) before starting your main course. I love it. Im sure you'l love it too. 

And for dessert, they have a lot of great ones to choose from. We'll start with this Buko Pandan over here. It's really good... It has a lot of coconut meat and the gulaman, or jello is just perfect! I enjoyed eating this one. I really do! 

They have the best brownies I ever tasted! What i love this is its a little crunchy on the top and its just the way i love my brownie. And this baby is crowned with a delicious vanilla ice cream. Its sinfully good...

They also have a wide selection of cupcakes. This red velvet cupcake looks really delicious. Although i didnt had the chance to taste this one but im sure its definitely delicious. The next time i come back here, i'll definitely grab one of these. 

This is the Soft Caramel Apple Filling Croissant. This is such a delightful treat! The croissant is soft and crunchy! The Apple filling and its sauce is really good! This dessert is just perfect after that hearty meal. I actually want to have it for a snack along with coffee or hot choco. :)

I really love the place. The lush ambient light flooded the whole store. The beautiful chandeliers added a really nice vantage point.  Place is really nice and clean.I also love the drapery. 

Green Pigs Kitchen is not only a restaurant, its also a gift shop. You can see a lot of interesting things like these amazing tea cup set. You might see something you like if you drop by here. :)

 I saw this really nice quote hung on the wall and it just says it all... Those are probably the three things that one must do to achieve happiness in life. Live. Love. Laugh. Live your life to the fullest! Love hard! and Laugh out loud! 

I would like to thank Mam Hazel and Mam Elfil for letting me enjoy their really delicious food. I was really full that day! Its a feast and I had it all by myself! I would love to go back there someday. Im actually planning to bring my  brother and his wife there who's coming from Hong Kong this end of the month. Im sure they will enjoy the food there. So guys if you love good and healthy food, visit Green Pigs Kitchen over at Sct. Torillo over at Timog. Im sure you will love it!  


  1. What is the price range of their food?

  2. price is reasonable. The salmon is at P380. Their callos is at P295. Their pork belly is at P180..and the ribs is at P395. If you want to save, you might wanna consider buying a voucher at for only P199 which gives you a P400 gift certificate. :)


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