Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vanity Beauty Bar

 You may find it weird that im posting a salon into a blog that is flooding with food posts. Well, this blog actually caters to everything including hairsprays and nail polish. Haha. Well actually. The main reason is that, Vanity Beauty Bar houses one of the best Red Velvet Cheesecake I ever tasted. Not only that, they also serve TWG teas that will definitely make your tensed, stressed and abused body into absolute bliss.

Interior design is very good! This area over here is where your nails are done. You can throw in a nail spa party if you wish! Chairs are really comfy. You can say that this place is really "sosyal". So nice that magazines held their photoshoots here right after the models had their hair taken care off. I actually had the privilege to meet the photographers and staff of Mega Magazine. 

 What i like about this red velvet cheesecake is that, its not too sweet. And its kinda creamy. Even the... What do you call that thing on top of a cupcake? Icing? Whip? Whatever it is, its really good! Love to lick the hell out of that cupcake.

The tea is just perfect.  It calms you down. I am not really exagerating or whatever but i really do like it! These past few days i have been addicted into drinking green tea. ( i read in an article that green tea is actually a fat burner just like honey, oats, green chillie, apples... Yeah.. I wanna lose weight) 

So there goes my morning. I had a good cup of tea, a really nice red velvet cupcake and met some very talented people. What a way to start my day. I want to give thanks to the staff of Vanity Beauty Bar, they were very hospitable inspite of the haggardness of the mall guards. To Ms Anja of Mega magazine for her tips on food styling. Also to the photographers and crew of Mega, sorry guys to bother you on your shoot. And to KC of Ensogo. Its quite an experience. Im gonna be back for more cupcakes! Vanity Beauty bar is located at the 3rd floor of Il Terrazo Mall over at Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

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