Sunday, September 8, 2013

White Moon Bar, Manila Ocean Park

Pick your poison! If i have to give a caption to this photo, that would be it. One of my favorite photos that i ever made. The lighting set-up is really simple actually. Just one strobe diffused by a small snap-on mini softbox on top of the drinks. Ok enough work, lets drink!

They serve delicious meals like their grilled pusit! Its finger licking, extra-rice adding, beer-matching good! Superb!

 Their nachos are delicious as well! One of the best.  Love the taste of the beef and that oozing cheese all over is simply delicious! 

 The White Moon Bar Restaurant over at Manila Ocean Park is one of those places that you'd love to go to if you want to dine al fresco style.  What a great place! The staff were so nice and friendly. I would love to go back here someday...

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