Friday, September 6, 2013

Hey Gourmet Ensaymadas

Whenever i picture an ensaymada, i always imagine a round, croissant like bread, glazed with margarine and sprinkled with  lots and lots of sugar! There are also ensaymadas like the ones from Mulach's where their ensaymada is topped with lots and lots of cheese! Those were good as well. But these ensaymadas are one of a kind! They actually dont look like ensaymadas to me, they'r more like donuts from J.CO! These ensaymadas from Hey Gourmet doesnt only look good but they are damn delicious as well! They are.. absolutely one of the best.. one of the most unique ensaymadas i ever seen. 

They also sell these heart shaped ensaymada which is perfect for any occasion!  

 I had the chance to taste these wonderful creations and damn i dont care if i get fat or something.. these ensaymadas are just way too good to let it pass.  Visit their facebook to learn more info about Hey Gourmet Ensaymada's,

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