Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Abby's

Grabbed these pictures from Abby's LX3. I spent christmas with Abby and her family. It was one of the happiest christmas ever for me. Abby's family welcomed me whole-heartedly and for that i will be forever grateful. Me and Abs went attended the Christmas eve mass. After that, we went at their place and gave her present. Its quite big so i bought a big box for it. Its actually a file box / CD case that she can use in the future. Im really excited to give my gift and i was there to capture it.

When she opened the box, the excitement in her grew more coz there are scented paper (sprayed a couple of my cologne) covering my gift. When she took it out, she jumped for joy once she saw her new Hot Pink, Nike gym bag.
I was really happy watching her in full of joy holding the bag. Until now, she's still thanking me for the bag. She really loves it so much.

Abby gave me a really nice present as well! She gave me a Rudy Project Dry Bag for my gear! This is perfect for my outdoor trips! I really love it! I have a drybag that i bought months ago but it doesnt keep my gear dry enough. Water actually penetrates within. Im really thankful Abby gave me this one.

Along with the drybag, she gave me a new National Geographic T-Shirt. I love the shirt! I have the same shirt but white in color. Abby has the shirt too and we're like product endorsers for National Geographic and Regatta! Thanks for the shirt Beb. I really love it!

What good is Noche Buena without a family portrait. This is the Olarte Family. From left, theres Jang, Abby's cousin, then Van., abby's lone sister. Then theres tita Nellie, Abby's mom who is so happy coz the last time she spent christmas with her family was 6 years ago. She was so thankful and so blessed for spending this christmas with her love ones. I would like to thank her for inviting me. Thanks po tita. Next to tita nellie is tito Ben, Abby's dad . I gave him a Kenny G CD for christmas and he loves it! Abby said, we have the same taste. hehe, Then next to tito ben is my love of my life, Abby. She's my inspiration. Never been happy until i met her. Love that woman so much. Next to Abby is her brother Neil whose into computer programming, a facebook and computer games. I gave him a copy of Left For Dead 2 and now he's kinda hooked to it! I also gave him a Game Pad controller for his NBA Live 2K11.

Having them complete is a blessing. With everyone around spending christmas together is simply sweet. I really enjoyed spending christmas with the Olarte's. Its the most amazing time of the year.

And christmas wouldnt be complete without food! Domino's Extravaganza. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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