Sunday, October 14, 2012

Luxent Hotel Buffet

Luxent Hotel is one of the newest hotel along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. I was really excited for this shoot because i heard their food is really delicious. Alvin, one of our Marketing Consultants over at Ensogo said the shoot is good to go and im off and running from our office at Bonifacio Global City to Timog Avenue in QC. Luxent Hotel is in front of Imperial Grand Suites near the rotonda. You can see there a big white hotel. You cant miss it. 

One of my favorite dish of all time is the sushi. When they served loads and loads of salmon, my tummy starts to growl like crazy! Im a sucker for sushi and this is probably one of the reason why am i going to buy this deal at Ensogo! I so wanna go back!  Look at that salmon... its just heaven! That thing where they place the sushi looks really good. The lid where the sushi sits on can be lifted...from there you can place some crushed ice to keep the sushi fresh!  

the buffet area! dig in guys
On the buffet area, you can see there a wide array of food choices. From vegetables to pasta to fish. They have it there! They also have an area where you can choose different kinds of BBQs and they will grill it right in front of  you. They have Pork, Chicken and even hotdogs! Picture on top shows how nice and tidy the chafing dishes all lined up. If you're really hungry, its a wonderful sight to see! 

fish filet
I so love their fish fillet. I had a lot of these on my plate after the photoshoot. There was this guy whose from Jersey and also had a lot of these. He really enjoyed the food! The Cream Dory's  soft white meat  is just fabulous! 

sushi boat
Another view of the Sushi boat. I love the way how they positioned the maki rolls. Their color are vibrant and unique. Never saw some blue maki before. If it looks good, what more if you tasted it? I tell you, its delicious. Im not saying it just to market the buffet but im really saying it from the heart. Im saying it again, their food is absolutely delicious!

chef boom

the staff

Chef Boom along with his staff at the kitchen are really nice. I had a chance to take a portrait of chef  boom while cooking. Lovin this photo. The blaze from the pan is just perfect!  This photo took me about 4 takes actually and good thing chef was a sport and he loved the photo so much! Surprisingly, their kitchen is really cold! Its nice and clean. Everything is spic and span!

blue berry tarts are just love
Now time for some dessert! I had my favorite strawberry ice cream and a piece of their blueberry tarts.. gawd its soooooo delicious. I also had a shot of their chocolate mouse which by the way has a nice presentation and very delicious.. its like heaven on a shot glass! I love it! I was so damn full that night i cant hardly stand up.

awesome interior design and lighting
Dining at Luxent Hotel is just an amazing experience. Food is great,interior design and lighting is fabulous. It has this really nice feel. That  feel and scent of a new hotel is addicting. That excuisite ambiance adds a certain exclusivity to their guests. 

As of now they are running a deal at The buffet is only available for 499 pesos! All that sushi, all that salmon sashimi!!! plus their awesome buffet and desserts for only 499 pesos. Its one great deal.   Offer is only limited so hurry buy your vouchers now! 

Visit their deal at by clicking this link . More great deals at ensogo! 

Breaking News :

Sold Out!
The Luxent Buffet Deal is already sold out! Many many thanks to all the people who bought the vouchers! I hope they extend this or launch a deal with Ensogo again! 

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  1. Very classy and delicious food by Luxent hotel. I hope there's also a food served like this in Summit Hotel Magnolia. It will be my first time to sleep insided that Quezon City Hotel.


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