Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mt.Arayat Special Halo-Halo

Mt. Arayat Special Halo-Halo
If you happen to be at SM Mall of Asia and you have cravings for some delicious Halo-Halo, you might want to consider Mt. Arayat Special Halo-Halo. It is the pride of Pampanga as they say. Its made of traditional ingredients like their very own Pastillas de Leche, Mashed beans, cornflakes, corn and milk. Their pastillas de leche is really delicious. That makes this original kapampangan Halo-Halo really special. Go try it for yourself and experience the taste. Visit them at SM Mall of Asia and experience Pampanga's very own special halo-halo. 


  1. Hello Mac!

    I always get excited every time I read a piece of my province in the Internet. The Mt. Arayat is really a great place to hike for mountaineers.

    Just a thought though... is Mt.Arayat Special Halo-Halo similar to Kabigting's Halo-halo which is also found in Arayat?

    have a nice day,
    Louie from Pampanga

  2. Im not really sure sir.. :) but i do hope it tastes good as well.. :)

  3. the best service i ever had! the staff are so friendly and truly personalized,always ready to give a smile and such a witty staff! thank you mt. arayat girls..Defintely will come back and always crave for the best halo2 id ever taste! i ate 3 cups in one day!!!!


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