Friday, August 3, 2012

Tita Paring's Suman Latik

Have you tried Tita Paring's Suman Latik?? If you havent, you must try it coz its very delicious! It is made from the finest "Malagkit" (glutinous rice). Hand mixed to perfection! It is cooked with lye or lihia and then wrapped in banana leaves. Then the sauce is made from coconut milk and brown sugar. Pour it on to the suman latik and God I tell you its like christmas in November! Its so good. 

It lingers in your mouth after that first bite! Its just so good. Really delicious... This is quite heavy in the belly. I guarantee you, a couple of these can make you really full! This is now my favorite suman of all time. 

Tita Paring has been preparing this popular delicacy in Manila since the pre-war era and she perfected the recipe over the years. It originated in Western Samar.  

Its is available in these boxes. 6 pcs per box.  It is great for pasalubongs abroad, for merienda, or even for parties! When refrigerated and handled properly, it will remain soft and fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Ensogo is having a deal with Tita Paring's Suman Latik for a limited time only. For a 100 php, you will have a 200 peso Gift Certificate for every box. Please check out the deal's link for more details. Check it here . Go buy your vouchers now and experience the goodness of Tita Paring's Suman Latik! 

Oh by the way., many thanks to sir Lito for giving us the chance to photoshoot these delicious delicacy. We really had a great time. Many thanks also to Cielo for assisting me with the shoot. Buy your vouchers now! Dont let this one pass by! ;) 

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  1. Could somebody please tell me the calori equivalent of one serving of suman latik?


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