Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tia Marias

This is so good. I only had one bite of this and its really really delicious. This is a must try. I just dont know whats the name of this dish.

The soft tacos looks really good! Its packed with cheese and that special sauce that makes it so good. This is one of Tia Maria's Best seller.

The Margarita is absolutely a crowd favorite! This is perfect actually for a hot summer day and we all have shots of this awesome mix. Drinking while working! :)

This is my lunch. I always love burritos. Its just a complete meal which is heavy on your tummy .Busog factor is high with this dish. One one of my favorites at Tia Marias.

The good thing with this dish is its not only looks delicious., it smells really well too! This is one of the best buffalo wings i ever tasted. Definitely a must try!

Old memories came rushing in as i went to our old tambayan place near The Enterprise Center, Cantina by Tia Marias. I just love the food there. Their Burritos are so good its actually one of my favorites. Their quesadillas are exquisite as well. I was just happy to shoot for them since this is probably one of my most memorable places when i was still working in Makati. I hope their deal with Ensogo goes well. Good food, great ambiance, memorable place, come visit Tia Marias and im sure you all will have a great time.

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