Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cafe Puccini Restaurant and Pizzeria

If you are craving for some Italian food, Cafe Puccini Restaurant and Pizzeria at Bonifacio Global City is one of the best place to   go to. Found at the heart of the Fort Strip, this Pizza and Pasta place is one of the most authentic to visit.  You will see everything Italian! From different Italian cook books to different Italian wines. Ensogo is having a deal with Cafe Puccini and they feature three of their best pizzas. This is the pizza marinara and its so delicious. One of the best Marinara pizzas i ever tasted.  

This is Pizza Salciccia. This is one great pizza as well. It is made with tomatoes, mozzarella, salami piccante and some assorted sausages. This one is really good. 

 Preparation. Look at the generous amount of cheese smothered all over. Yummy!

 This one is Pizza Milano. Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Italian sausage, onions and assorted mushrooms! This is also a must try. Among the three, this is my favorite. I just love is so much.  

 Chef Mario is preparing something really nice for me. He's cooking seafood pasta but instead of the usual tomato based sauce, he went cream based - which is not found in the menu. In order for the flames to come out, he poured something with high alcoholic levels - probably Bacardi 151. It took me about 4 takes to make this shot perfect and he was kinda worried if my dish would make me drunk! =)

This is the finish product. This is really delicious. Many thanks to Chef Mario for cooking this one. This is like a personal touch and im really thankful! 

Cafe Puccini won a lot of awards that definitely shows excellence in their work. No doubt they are the best out there and having that delightful dining experience will definitely give you a great time. 

Bringing Back Your 20/20 Vision Thru Lasik

This is the first time i went on a photoshoot in a scrub suit! Ensogo has a deal with QC Eye Center and I had a chance to take photos of the operating rooms and the instruments that they use. The place is really nice and clean.   

This is the new technology in bringing back your 20/20 vision. The Lasik treatment. The procedure itself  will only took 5 to 10 minutes for each eye. I am lucky to take photos of the operation. 

Id like to thank the staff for being nice and very accommodating. I have to take a photo of myself and the staff because what i said.. this is my first time on a scrub suit! :)  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Manila Pavilion

I just want to say that the best part of my job is doing what i really love, doing photography, food photography to be exact. And one of the best thing i love after the shoot is food tasting! I am honored and very thankful to take photos of one of the most amazing chefs in the country, Chef Roger Perez Gonzales. He is the executive chef of Manila Pavilion. 

I had a short VTR of him for Ensogo's upcoming video. He gave some testimonials on how Ensogo boosted their sales. They had a deal at Ensogo for Seasons and it was very successful! About 6000 people bought the voucher! Chef said, Ensogo is one of the best marketing tool they ever tries and they love to work with Ensogo once again. Chef is such a nice guy. He's very accommodating and has  this great sense of humor. Heres a photo of him slicing that Roast Beef which is so delicious by the way.    

I had a share of their delicious Paella, and I forgot the name of that meat on a stick but yeah its really good. Its one of those things Chef Roger is grilling the time i took the  first photo. Still remember the taste of that Roast Beef. So soft, so tasty. Its just perfect! 

Choose any of these in here and they will grill it for you! :)  

Too bad I havent tried dessert..where so full.. it looks delicious! 

My shoot at Manila Pavilion is such a great experience. I really had a great time. Id like to thank Ms. Lizzete as well for entertaining us. To chef roger most specially for the great food. I also like to thank my officemate Ruby for assisting me with the shoot. I hope i didnt gave her a hard time holding the reflector.. hehe Thanks ruby!  Even though my job is really stressful, i love it. This is my passion and it brings me to different places, meeting new people.  It somehow makes me feel alive even if im dead tired. Kinda cheesy.. anyways, watch out for Manila Pavilion's next deal at Ensogo. They are setting up a great buffet, al fresco style. Just visit our site at  Once again. Thank you!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

G Hotel

Black and White is the theme once you grazed the shiny floors of G Hotel. With matching modern design of its furnitures, this hotel is one of those hotels that has the wow factor. This is one of the most prestigious hotel along roxas blvd. Having a great deal with them sounds really good coz' for sure, dining or staying in a hotel like this in a discounted price is definitely worth for your money. Fine dining experience that fits your budget. Their Crispy Pata is undeniably delicious! Absolutely gratifying! Its so soft, so crunchy. Shooting it makes me mouth-water.  

Not only that, their Kare-Kare is really delicious as well. The beef is so soft and tender. The peanut butter sauce is so good plus their home made bagoong is to die for. One of the best kare-kare dish that I ever tasted.  

Upon serving the iced tea, i knew there was something odd with their glass... And yes the glass is designed to be tilted! This really delicious iced tea is for sure all thumbs up for me. With a dash of mint, it gave a certain taste that is really good and refreshing. 

This is the first thing that you will see once you enter the hotel. That black and white theme looks really good. Leather seats, cow designed rugs. Its just awesome. The place looks really inviting! 

The Crispy Pata still looks good even in a different perspective! Such a great experience shooting at G Hotel. I find their place really nice and the food is one of the best. Chef Mar even shared his life story on how he started his career. From peeling potatoes all the way to becoming an executive chef in one of the finest hotel in the country. Thanks Chef for letting us experience your food. 
So there ya go. Another great place to go, a great place to eat. This is definitely a true value for your money. Their deal will soon be launched at Ensogo in no time. Please do watch out for it. Many thanks also to Ruby and Ms. Vangie.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hecky's Lechon

They say, Lechon is also synonymous to Heart Attack.Unless, you have it everyday! Too much of everything is bad for you. Definitely too much of Lechon will definitely shorten your life. Thats why its called "Pampabata" (Life Shortener) by many of us. I guess it wont hurt if you have lechon once in a while and one of the best place to have it is at Hecky's Lechon! It is oven baked to goodness meaning lesser fat.Lesser guilt to eat! The skin, which is definitely a personal favorite is so crunchy and soft. The meat is tender and very tasty. They serve it Cebu style where the sauce is only vinegar instead of gravy. Its just so damn good. Sinfully good! Hecky's Lechon has a deal at Ensogo and you can buy your discounted vouchers here

Cafe De Bonifacio

If there is one reason to go to Podium, dining at Cafe de Bonifacio is definitely one of them. Situated at the fifth level of The Podium Mall in Ortigas, this restaurant boasts its amazing Seafood Paella everybody can afford. Through their deal with Ensogo,  this dish only costs 340 pesos and its good for three people and it comes with 3 glasses of their delicious red iced tea. Thats a great deal because this dish costs around 600 plus and you can have it for half the price! 

You also have to try their delicious Kare-Kare. Its really good. It comes with slices of Crispy Talong! Never tried one before and this is my first. I heard of Crispy Kang-kong but talong? Nah never. I had a piece and wow.. its really good! This one made the difference among all the kare-kares I ever tasted. This is a must have at Cafe de Bonifacio.  

Now this one is a great treat. This is Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka. The soup kinda tastes like Tom Yum! Its a different blend for a sinigang. Im sure you will be surprised. Its really good. Not only the soup tastes delicious, the meat is so soft.. so tender. Biting it would be effortless...

Their Red Iced tea is also delicious. For me, its actually better than Tokyo Tokyo. Great drink. Very refreshing. 

I really enjoyed my shoot at Cafe de Bonifacio. People there are really nice. I would like to thank Sir Fred- for being very accomodating. Thank you sir. Also to Chef Ojie for delighting us with his work of art as a cook. In behalf of Ms. Tin, thank you for having us. Its a pleasure! Click here to buy your vouchers!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Coma @ Banchetto!

 If you're a sucker for great and affordable food, this is the place to be! Banchetto in Boni is located just beside Robinson's Pioneer just along EDSA. You will see here lots and lots of great eats. I myself is a fan of food and for me.. this is heaven! You will find here affordable treats like this corndog over here for only 50 pesos. Just watch out its really hot! 

Deep fried to goodness! This is actually the place where i first ate a real corn dog and it was quite an experience coz i think i burned my tongue a little! Better to cool your corn dog before sinking your teeth in it. hehe. Comes in different prices as well.. from jumbo!   

Im dying to try one of these pastas over here. I didnt mind the long line and ordered some macaroni pasta. It comes with 2 pieces of chicken fingers and a piece of bread  for only 99 pesos! Now thats a good one since the pasta is really delicious! Its really heavy on the belly. :) 

Im not done yet! I saw this guy ordered this chili con carne on a hotdog sandwich! Its really mouth-waterring! I ordered the same thing and damn its so delicious.. super. You say "uuhhhmmm" to goodness.. Its quite spicy but its good! Really good..Craving for one actually...  

Now for dessert, I ordered some Oreo Cheesecake. For 99 pesos, you will have a fair slice. But the taste is really good.. A perfect dessert... best with coffee or even your regular juice drink! Forgot to mention, theres a juice stand over there that serves really good smoothies but the line is really long and my patience gave in i just got a drink from someplace else... The good thing about their smoothies is that, they place fruit chunks of the drink that you ordered. For example, if you order for some mango smoothie, they will add chopped mango bits inside your drink... When you sip your smoothie, theres some texture in it which separated it from other fruit smoothies i ever tasted. That explains the long line..
Banchetto over at Boni opens during wednesdays and thursdays from 8:30 till 2am(not sure though..). This place is really the place to be if your are dead hungry.. lots of food choices im just one small place. If you can bring a chair it would be a great idea since the place is jam-packed most of the time and finding a table is sometimes an effort. Drop by banchetto where great food can be affordable yet tastes absolutely good.. 

A Long Day at Work

Ever since I worked at Ensogo, I was surrounded with fun, energetic and loving people. No matter how stressful they are, they still wear a smile in their faces. Its time to give ourselves a reward. We went out for lunch. We need to feed ourselves something delicious. Something to keep us sane from working. We went to Serendra and scouted for places good to eat. We chose to eat at Mexicali. 

 Good thing i brought along my camera to take some snaps of the beautiful Bonifacio High Street. I can say, even if my work place is far away from home, its nice to work at BGC. The environment is really nice. Its clean and well maintained. Lot of places to eat. If you love to jog, there are a lot of beautiful parks with beautiful jogging paths to run. 

BGC is one of those "high end" places in Manila. People with money... people with a high stature in life most probably lives here...or maybe stays at their condo units for the week.. driving their lamborghini and their ferraris.. 

Arrived at Mexicali and took a photo of their delicious tacos. One of my favorites at Mexicali.  

 After that hearty lunch, we went back to the office to finish the day... saw this teddy bears ready to be packed. Such an unusual scene saying hundreds of bears with the same color, with the same size and like in one place... 

Again..we are all on overtime...and good thing Sir Jojo bought us some pizza. Thanks sir! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

RIP Karl Roy

Karl Roy
1968 - 2012

Karl Roy has been an inspiration to a lot of people. With his powerful voice, pinoy rock and roll evolved from marvelous to butt-spanking awesome. Im an avid fan of P.O.T and everytime I feel bored, i'l just crank up my stereo and listen to "Yugyugan Na"!  I have two of his albums, P.O.T. and an album from his recent band "Kapatid". Its sad losing a music icon like Karl Roy. He will be surely missed. Long Live Rock and Roll!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Metro Rail Transit @ 7:30AM

If you happen to ride the MRT at around 7:30 in the morning at North Avenue, this is the scene you will see. This is hell on a monday morning. Imagine, arriving here, all showered up, you smell really good..clothes newly ironed, you're all neat and clean..  and then this,  this awaits you... a sea of sweaty people falling in line... What a way to start your Monday morning... theres this famous saying.. "when theres a line.. theres a problem" This is definitely a BIG problem! Lesson of the story,- Leave early or suffer the consequences.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Most Beautiful Full Moon Ever

Thursday, March 8, 2012, the moon is so big, so beautiful, i cant help myself take a photo of it. I went out at the parking lot in front of our office at W Building at Bonifacio Global City at Taguig. I used my 70-300mm attached to my ever reliable Nikon D7000. Switched the image size to large (about 4000 px) and then i cropped the photo by 25%. Used a very fast shutter speed about 1/250 since im shooting this one hand-held. Used f/8 on ISO200. 
I never seen the moon like this before. That huge crater just fascinates me. I love this photo..

Rocca @ Torre Venezia Suites

Rocca Restaurant in Torre Venezia Suites over at Timog Ave QC is so rad in design its creaming suede all over! Not only the place looks really good, the food is very.. i mean very good! Veteran Sou Chef, Chef Jimmy gave us a delightful experience our taste buds went gaga the whole night! 

First up is this Chicken on Mashed Potatoes with Orange Gravy. Oh man., this dish is soooooo goood! Really. Screaming goodness! Literally i closed my eyes upon eating this one. Chef said., the best way to eat this is get some mashed potatoes, add up a piece of chicken, add a piece of carrots and top it with the orange... The explosion of flavors just bursts inside your mouth!!!! Its really good. This one is a winner! I promise!

Now this dish needs some balancing act to serve to their customers. Its called Beef Tournado with Mashed Potatoes and Mushrooms. I have to say, their mashed potatoes are really good. Its made from scratch! Very tasty!   

Chef also served us with this really awesome nachos. The toppings are made with this spicy chicken topped with lots and lots of cheese! Its delicious! Perfect partner for that ice cold beer!  

 They also serve a lot of wines and spirits. Those are my top choices! My ever favorite Jack! The bar is really nice. Lovin the high chair. Comfy and stylish.
That fine dining experience may not be that expensive because Rocca has a deal at Ensogo. For only P499 you get a 1000 pesos Gift Certificate! For more info, check out this deal at the Ensogo website.
Great food, Great Place. Rocca. Thumbs up! Raise the roof! You will love it for sure! Before I end this blog, i wanna thank Ricky for helping me out with the shoot. Thanks man. And most specially to Chef Jimmy for the great food we just tasted! 

Three-Sixty Bar and Restaurant

Three-Sixty Bar and Restaurant is one of the places that gives you that "Wow" factor. The place itself is on party mode! They are tied up with Absolut Vodka and if you happen to love Absolut, this place is perfect for you. Its been a while since my last photoshoot outside the office. Three-Sixty happens to be the best comeback shoot for me. I started working with this Prawns over here wrapped in Lumpia wrapper. This one is awesome. It tastes so good and the idea is very clever as well.  

Next up is this very appetizing stir fried rice with two kinds of "dilis" or dried fish, eggs, some tomatoes and dried garlic.. this is a piece of heaven right here. Writing this blog actually makes me really hungry... Got to try this one out. Its really good...

 Do you eat Buchi? If you do., you'l love this one! Its like any other Buchi but the insides is something different. It has a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate in it! Amazing huh?! Its kinda pricey though since three of this costs around 200 pesos! =) Kinda expensive for a Buchi trio.
The Black Gulaman drink is one of the favorites here in Three-Sixty.

Beef with Broccoli. This dish is really good. Love the taste of Broccoli and the beef is really soft and tender. Its savory and very tasty. Im sure you will love it!    

Another great shoot! Although we waited for quite some time because there were a lot of guests that time.. but its ok. The food actually is worth it. Id like to thank Wendy for assisting me. Also many thanks to Sir Bong! You have been really kind. Thanks for those glasses! I love it!
Their deal at ensogo : 2 options : Option 1 - 90 Minute Drink all you can pass for only 180 pesos! (Now thats a great deal! Option 2 - Gift Certificate worth 360 pesos and you can buy it only for P180! For more info visit this link.  More great deals at Ensogo-Livingsocial! Visit our website!