Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long Hot Weekend at Boracay!

Boracay! We meet again! This time im not working. Im actually taking my four day vacation along with my beloved Abby.And were here to relax, dine, and have some time alone in this long, hot weekend. The photo on top is my favorite photo among the rest. Its a photo from Boracay Regency. I just love this shot coz' of its colors and the Hotel's lighting. Hope to check-in at this hotel the next time I visit Boracay.

We started the day really early. We left our homes as early as 5 in the morning. Its better to be early than late. We already packed our stuff  3 days before departure. Yes! We are that excited! But unfortunately, our flight was delayed! There was major blackout within the airport. Due to power outage, the computer systems were all messed up.  It came to a point the staff went manual! Its really frustrating but then again i just have to keep my cool and just wait.

Good thing I brought along this really nice pocket book. Its a  photography book called "The Photographer's  Field Guide" by Michael Freeman. This book teaches a  lot of things when your out travelling with your DSLR. Its really a great read. A must have for every landscape photographer and travel photographers out there!

I noticed that theres a lot of people going to Boracay that day. So many faces in different races. This is a quick snapshot of the these guys beside me. Like us, they are bored and frustrated.  Long waits are really pain in the ass! You can actually see it on his face... that he's pissed.

According to the pilot, theres ground traffic at Kalibo Airport that can only hold a maximum of two planes. We are patiently waiting for a go signal as soon as ground traffic is clear in Kalibo International Airport. Theres actually two to three planes in line waiting to take off right at this moment. This power shortages should be avoided at all times since to lessen long flight delays... 

At long last! We're good to go! People on board are getting really crazy! You can see people already complaining.. Some even opened a six pack of beer and gave themselves an early Boracay party! Im just happy that were up in the air. I leaned over Abby and took out my camera and had  a snap of Metro Manila. You can see there Ortigas.. and The Fort! You can actually see our office!

At last! We arrived at Boracay. Thank God the weather is perfect! The sun is so high it bites wight through our skin! GHot Summer mode on! Love this part of the day because the water is really blue! Blue sky., blue waters and blue sails from the Paraw sail boats. 

 We went to station 1 (had some Jonah's fruit shake to cool ourselves off), the part of Boracay Beach where there is less people. You can actually see here the famous Grotto and a couple with their matching T-Shirts! Cute huh?! HHWWatB! (Holding Hands While Walking at the Beach!)

 Of course my favorite worms-eye-view shot. Actually.. it should be starfish-eye-view shot of the beach.(Gawd im so corny), Love the water action! With the blue sails of the Paraw. 

 Abby wants to have that reddish tan. The sun is really high that time and i was actually worried she'l get a nasty sun burn But I had faith with the sunblock and tanning lotion she used. She had that tan that she wanted..but unfortunately, she also got the sunburn as well. I guess SPF30 is not enough. This is Abby's first time in Boracay. 

She loves the way sand clobbers her feet. I love it as well! Its just an unusual feeling! Its like a natural exfoliant! Abby's feet looks really nice by the way.. :) Girls with pretty feet. I find them really sexy! 

Some of the interesting sights you will find in Boracay.

 That guy with the blue shorts is simply having the time of his life! Enjoying the view.. listening to the waves..feeling the sand. The feeling is priceless! This is probably one of the reasons why people love the shores of Boracay.  Whats not to love!

D-Mall. You will find here a lot of restaurants here.  With wide variety of food choices! Souvenir shops are all over giving you no reason not to buy something for pasalubong!    

 Police in shorts! This is what the "authority" wears in Boracay. Very Baywatch get-up! 

Station 1 in Boracay.  This is an ideal spot to swim since a few people swim at this area (*whispers - this is the part where the expensive resorts are located). Its not that crowded. Giving you a little privacy. Plus, great photo ops with Boracay's famous grotto! That white sand is really amazing! 

Lot of things to do here in Boracay. Im sure you'll never get bored. Saw this couple paddling their way with the canoe. Love the minimalist approach of this photo. The diagonal lines of the mountains at the back., and the lines of the trees are beautiful as well.

I was excited to try Helmet diving, also called "Reef Walking". This is my first time! Its amazing science! Oxygen pushes the water outside the helmet, giving you enough space to breath. Its like those science experiments with a glass of water.   When your helmet is getting foggy, you can actually slip you hand in the helmet and wipe it off. Above water, this thing is really heavy! But once your under water, the helmet becomes lighter. The experience is awesome though my ears are not used with the pressure at 30 feet below. Fishes actually swim right into your face..i wonder if it ever happened a fish went inside the helmet..? That would be.. not good.  This Reef Walking adventure costs 600 pesos per person! For only 30 mins. It comes with a CD with your video and photos.  The price of a new adventure..Its not bad at all..  

Night is about to end and its time to take photos of silhouettes which i really love. Saw this couple by the beach... love the lines of the beach line and the sea...   

Great thing with Boracay is that lovely sunset. Good thing the clouds are not blocking the sun, giving me that great sunset shot. Again I added the silhouette of the coconut trees and that guy at the middle appreciating the beauty of the  dying sun...

Sun is down and night time is the best time at Boracay! The island is like a huge party place with a beautiful beach on the side. Abby and I went to Juice Bar for some drinks. Toast! 

I will end this blog with this photo. Those rays of the sun really got my attention. These are the moments that i miss right now.... the sights.. cuddling moments.. yihee.. and the foood! Oh yeah.. its like were on a world tour when it comes to food. We tried Indian cuisine, Itallian, Greek... and of crs pinoy food. Its awesome.. We just love to eat! Really enjoyed our stay at Boracay. Many thanks to the staff of Erus Hotel over at Station 3 for our accomodation and their hospitality. 

Were definitely coming back in Boracay real soon... really soon! Great times.. =)  

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