Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rocca @ Torre Venezia Suites

Rocca Restaurant in Torre Venezia Suites over at Timog Ave QC is so rad in design its creaming suede all over! Not only the place looks really good, the food is very.. i mean very good! Veteran Sou Chef, Chef Jimmy gave us a delightful experience our taste buds went gaga the whole night! 

First up is this Chicken on Mashed Potatoes with Orange Gravy. Oh man., this dish is soooooo goood! Really. Screaming goodness! Literally i closed my eyes upon eating this one. Chef said., the best way to eat this is get some mashed potatoes, add up a piece of chicken, add a piece of carrots and top it with the orange... The explosion of flavors just bursts inside your mouth!!!! Its really good. This one is a winner! I promise!

Now this dish needs some balancing act to serve to their customers. Its called Beef Tournado with Mashed Potatoes and Mushrooms. I have to say, their mashed potatoes are really good. Its made from scratch! Very tasty!   

Chef also served us with this really awesome nachos. The toppings are made with this spicy chicken topped with lots and lots of cheese! Its delicious! Perfect partner for that ice cold beer!  

 They also serve a lot of wines and spirits. Those are my top choices! My ever favorite Jack! The bar is really nice. Lovin the high chair. Comfy and stylish.
That fine dining experience may not be that expensive because Rocca has a deal at Ensogo. For only P499 you get a 1000 pesos Gift Certificate! For more info, check out this deal at the Ensogo website.
Great food, Great Place. Rocca. Thumbs up! Raise the roof! You will love it for sure! Before I end this blog, i wanna thank Ricky for helping me out with the shoot. Thanks man. And most specially to Chef Jimmy for the great food we just tasted! 

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