Friday, March 23, 2012

Hecky's Lechon

They say, Lechon is also synonymous to Heart Attack.Unless, you have it everyday! Too much of everything is bad for you. Definitely too much of Lechon will definitely shorten your life. Thats why its called "Pampabata" (Life Shortener) by many of us. I guess it wont hurt if you have lechon once in a while and one of the best place to have it is at Hecky's Lechon! It is oven baked to goodness meaning lesser fat.Lesser guilt to eat! The skin, which is definitely a personal favorite is so crunchy and soft. The meat is tender and very tasty. They serve it Cebu style where the sauce is only vinegar instead of gravy. Its just so damn good. Sinfully good! Hecky's Lechon has a deal at Ensogo and you can buy your discounted vouchers here

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