Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dinner at Shakeys

"Lets eat dinner!" , "Saan?".., Hmm "Shakeys! Buffalo wings! " and off we go. Its been a long day at the office. Both me and Abs were so tired and sleepy. Poor abs whose eyes are closed all through out the trip. I know shes hungry, but stress overpowered everythin else. That goes for me as well. Im a bit tired and sleepy and the fact of goin to shakeys kept me awake!

We ordered shakeys' famous buffalo wings. Usually served with Mojo potatoes but we rather have only the chicken. This is much better when you dip it on onion sauce...(i do think its onion sauce., basta yung white dip).

The waitress asked as if we could try their caesar's salad. Abs is religiously keeping her diet so she ordered some leafy salad along with chicken soup. Love the fresh lettuce. Its crispy and very delicious. But the best part of this salad are the bacon bits! Topped with the caesar sauce its definitely a good treat!

When Abby ordered soup, i was tempted to have one as well! I ordered this cream of mushroom soup, which is my personal favorite at shakeys. This is best when still very hot and served before your main meal. It gives you the feeling that you are already full resulting for you to eat less.

Great night. We were busog. Got a cab goin to centris in no time and upon leaving shakeys, we got our ride without waiting for that long. Its another one busog night for me and Abs.

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