Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lunch @ St. Giles

This is probably one of the reasons why I love my job so much. Travelling to different places, meeting new people and specially having free food! Our photoshoot at St.Giles Hotel in Makati somehow got re-scheduled but somehow, the management is kindly enough to feed me and my partner Jan. (Good thing Jan is popular!) hehe.

People are starting to pour in as they serve their sumptuous buffet lunch. Even though the shoot was moved., i still managed to take some snaps of the people enjoying their food.

The place is really nice although the air conditioning is insanely cold! As a tip., wear a jacket if ur planning to visit this place. :) Maybe its just raining... Perfect for that hot soup..or even a sip of that hot coffee.

I love the fish fillet so much. I have to go back and grab some more! Note: I didnt had rice that time. I just enjoyed their pesto. :) Pretending to be on a diet!

People at different walks of life come here. Maybe because the price is reasonable enough for everyone to enjoy. Its really nice since you're dining in one of the finest hotels in the metro without breaking a hole in your pocket. Its a good deal!

After that hearty meal., fresh fruits are served at the other table. these watermelons are really delicious! They also have papayas, pineapples and buko pandan.

They also have these.. "kakanin" and its delightfully good! Too bad i did not took a photo of the ube variant. Tastes good as well. Il get another shot of these when i get back there.

My lunch at St. Giles is really awesome. Im looking forward to go back. Visit their buffet and im sure you will feel the same way as well. =)


  1. the kakanin looks really tempting...

  2. wow a comment! haha., after 2 years meron na nag comment sa blog ko. hehe. yup sarap nung kakanin. di ko alam kung biko ba yun or what.. hehe


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