Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mango Tree Bistro

Its kind'a intimidating when you see a restaurant just like this. Leather seats with matching purple silk covered pillows. Cozy ambiance with dramatic dim lighting. It looks expensive to dine in this kinda place! We checked it out and gave a peek on their food's price list and seems reasonable. With trinoma's food den's overflowing with people, if you want a nice, cozy place to dine into, THIS is the place!

The food here is really amazing. Its meticulously arranged in a very pleasing manner. You got to give the thumbs up on the food styling coz its superb. Not only the food looks great and tasty, they serve it real fast. They served our food i think in less than 10 minutes. Very good.

The stir fried seafood thingee is the bomb. Its spicy so better watch it. Tastes really good. Just make sure there's water that comes in handy. You might wanna have that gulp after every bite.

Milk tea was fantastic. Its like the ones from Bubble Tea Boy without the Sago. Its really good. How I wish theres more.

Now this one is the champion! The Bagoong rice is really delicious. You got to do work on mixing the pineapples, onions, pork and those little shrimps together according to your taste. This is a must try i tell you. Order this one if you may. I guarantee that you'l love it.

Our dining experience at The Mango Tree Bistro was brilliant . All of my MRT woes was melted away. Me and abs will definitely go back and probably bring along some friends. Next time, were going to try those cocktails that looks really refreshing. Saw this blog about Mango tree that made my taste buds go wild. We'l definitely go back in no time.

Its been a long day but it ended well. Thanks to the Mango Tree Bistro, it made our Friday Nights., silky-chilly and purply goood! Have a great weekend everyone!

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