Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amazed at Hotel H20

Ived never been in a place so cool like this ever before. This is Hotel H20. It is located within Manila Ocean Park. Even though the weather doesnt want to cooperate with us we still went thru the shoot...all wet yet amazed! This is the reception area. A really cool one indeed. This is what ya call interior designing! Very modern. Very stylish!

This one is the lobby where you find guests lounging around. Just chilling. This is also the receiving area for the H20. Look at that ceiling! Its really amazing. The design is really wicked. Its so cool. I love it.

Ever seen a hallway like this before? Well i dont! Its like im in a sci-fi movie! The lights.. the mirrors.. the lines and curves is really amazing. Love the design. If you are amazed with the hallways., wait till you see the rooms!

Now this is the Aqua room where theres a huge saltwater aquarium on your wall! With mirrors all over, it has this really spacious feel. The bed is really soft and the view is spectacular! Manila bay sunset is just a curtain away! Really nice room i tell you. Very inviting., it smells really good, furnishings are really modern looking and bathrooms are awesome.

This is one of their rooms with twin beds. Again., its very spacious. Great view of the Manila Bay and the bathrooms are awesome as well. This is like the first room without the Aqua view.

After the shoot, the managers of the hotel gave us a well deserved treat. They invited us for a snack at their cafeteria downstairs and had some Pad thai and some chicken. The Pad thai was so good. I dunno how to describe it. Its just really delicious... You can actually see it in the photo. The shrimps are perfect., and the nuts gave the dish that unqique taste! Love it!

Shau's Lemon Barley was really interesting. By the looks of it, you might find it a little weird but wait till you taste it., its so damn good! I just got a fresh mango juice and its tastes good as well.

In filipino, this is what they call., "Binalot". Its chicken wrapped in palm leaves. This is so damn good. The scent of the palm leaf really just accentuates giving that distinct aroma that is really appetizing! You must try this one when you happen to visit Manila Ocean Park.

Our experience at Hotel H20 wsa really amazing. Like I said before., its a hotel with a unique design., unique concept and has very accommodating and very hospitable staff. Its really good there. Enjoying the different amenities that Manila Ocean Park has., this is the best place to rest. This place is all worth it.

Thanks again to the staff of Hotel H20 specially to Ms Lowelyn Tangi. To Ms Vangie who accompanied us througout the shoot and to shau for being my assistant for the day. Good times! :)

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