Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joey Pepperoni

Now this is what ya call Lunch! Just had our monthly Lunch-out at Joey Pepperoni right here at Bonifacio Global City. This Penne and Cheese is really delicious and we got it for a nice deal. Buy this one and the Pesto Creame for only 199! Fantastic isnt it?!

Took a photo of Nikos' Lasagna and it looks really delicious... I bet he enjoyed his lunch so much. Looks really creamy and the cheese strings are really flexible. When you pull it up, it just extends and stretches! Topped with Parmesan cheese, this lasagna is heaven on a plate!

Too bad i havent taken photos of the pizzas. We ordered four different kinds and all of them comes and goes real quick! Once placed on the table, it will be gone in less than 5 minutes! Define hungry! Love their tagline - "Pizza the way it should be". Their pizzas are really delicious. Great food, great place, I love it! and you will too! How i wish everyday were on a lunch-out! Good times...

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