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Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and BBQ Restaurant

Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day in a year. Chinese people celebrate this tradition by having a great feast to bring good luck! Tong Yang is Chinese for Winter Sun which is synonymous to Winter Solstice. This is where they got their name. Every time you dine in here is like a feast! A celebration of food! Welcome to Tong Yang! One of the best Shabu-shabu and Barbecue Restaurant in the country! Look at those delicious food, neatly arranged. All fresh and ready to be cooked!

This is my first time to visit Tong Yang.  I never knew this is how they do it here! I was in awe...and overwhelmed by the selection of the food that I'm about to grill. Its kinda hard to choose! You have a lot of choices from different kinds of meat. 

and different kinds of seafood! I never seen an "Alupihang Dagat" or Mantis Shrimp ever before! This is my first time! Everything is fresh and its all ready to be grilled! Choosing which one to grill is quite a challenge but you'l get use to it.  

they also have cooked food as well like this really delicious stuffed squid! 

 im not really sure what kind of fish is this but damn it looks really good and delicious! 

their sushi area is very inviting.... they have the freshest makis, sashimis...crabsticks and God knows what the others are called but they all look delicious!  

what a beautiful place... this is their branch in Promenade over at Greenhills. This will greet you once you come inside. Those chinese lanterns looks really cute. The grill is neatly tucked in and we're all ready to cook! Lets do this! :)

this is my first time doing this so i asked their staff to help us out choosing the ingredients for our hotpot! They have a lot of vegetables to choose from! They have corn.. okras.. some eggplants... ang dami! 

they also have different kinds of...squid balls i think! they come in different colors and im not pretty well aware off what flavor they are.. I just chose some of those green ones and the ordinary white ones.. haha! 

pot is hot and its time to drop all of those in! This is kinda fun actually coz you have all the freedom to cook your food just the way you want it! It's really nice. I just hope what im eating is not raw! hehehe :D  Muka naman syang luto so its all good! :D 

Now its time to grill! Sherry, one of our gorgeous, uber diet conscious marketing consultant is along with me for the shoot and she's helping me out grill some food! Ain't I a lucky bastard? Well anyways. She eats like a bird.. sobrang konti lang kasi and most of the food shes cooking ends up with me! Good! :D More for me then! :)

looks like Sherry is doing a really good job! she said, she dont usually cook but in times like these, she enjoys it. That grill looks jam packed huh? It smells goooood. Im hungry :(

Cooking Tip for dummies : When cooking chinese scallops, you'll know its ready when the meat just slides off its shell. O ha! and and.. when cooking mantis shrimps or alupihang dagat, boil it first inside the hot pot for a couple of minutes then grill it! :)  

Sherry is proud of her grilling skills and this will pass as an instagram moment! Good job! :D  

If you want a little privacy...they have private rooms upstairs where you can enjoy food all by yourselves. This is perfect for private parties, business meetings, VIP's or simply dining with your family in privacy. This is definitely the place to be!  

My dining experience at Tong Yang is simply remarkable. Im so full i can't barely button my pants! Even my shirt has soy sauce marks as evidence! Thats one hell of meal and i am so thankful. I would like to thank Ms. Alma, for everything! She even cooked food for us! Thanks for the tip about the fish and the alupihang dagat! That information will be very useful someday! Thank you so much. Thank you also to Sir Jackson for having us. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Binusog nyo kami sir...  

I always knew, when you talk about Tong Yang, food there is absolutely delicious. No doubt about it. So if you're craving for some Shabu-shabu and hot pot at its finest, better head over to Tong Yang. Im sure, your dining experience will take you to mars...  

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