Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cake Avenue

This is my first time to see and photograph a tie-dye cake. I didnt know there's such a thing! Many thanks to Cake Avenue for providing us this delicious cake. It looks like an ordinary chiffon cake at 1st glance. But when sliced, you can see the colors inside! 

 I even like the taste of the cake because its not that sweet. I also love the texture. Its softness. Delicious moist cake from with in! This one is a winner! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

City Garden Hotel

My photoshoot at Citygarden Hotel in Makati took me a while because i can't make up my mind on how to set these dishes perfectly inside the frame. After 5 table settings.. i came up with this. I borrowed some of their roses and bottle wines to spice up the picture...

i had fun shooting this one actually. This is what I do most of the time. I do most of my photoshoots alone. Im the photographer, im the food stylist, im the light crew, im the roadie.. and sometimes i do the driving. Its stressful but its fun. Its fun because i love what i do... this makes me happy.. :)


imperfections. it's all over me.
I was browsing some magazines and saw a photo from Time magazine of a portrait using only one light. I never tried doing those portraits before. I went on a little experiment. I grabbed my camera and attached my 50mm. Positioned my softbox just inches from my face. I used the lowest power my softbox can give me. I think that was 1/64 power. Then i placed my camera upfront mounted on my tripod. I placed a white reflector on the other side of my face. Shot was great! You can see all the imperfections on my face due to the shadows... i wanna do more of these at the studio. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jun-Jun's Cebu Lechon

Every time i go to work, i always pass by Home Depot at 32nd street over at the fort. Right there you can see this restaurant that caters Cebu lechon..  Unfortunately, we're not shooting any pigs for now... But, I took pictures of their delicious Gamba's platter. 

their gambas are so damn delicious. its really juicy! it has that right spice and the shrimps are perfect... its so good. Its one of those perfect pulutan you could possibly ever have. I brought some of it to my officemates and they loved it as well. :)

From the platter, I also love their kangkong... or water spinach... i really love the taste of this. Its kinda sweet and the kang-kong is really fresh and you can tell it because of its crunchiness.. I enjoyed eating this one..  

  they also have the breaded pork which also best with the bagoong rice.. its so good.... 

Now this one is the hero, their Sinigang... its so good.. the soup is perfect. Its loaded with vegetables and it has this ulo or head of a fish in it.. i think thats a tuna.. its just so good  i tell you.. when you sip on it it just makes you close your eyes and enjoy its goodness... 

I'll probably visit Jun-Jun's lechon one of these days and order Lechon! Maybe next week! :) 

Heaven's Barbecue

If heaven can make chicken barbecues, this is probably heaven sent. They serve one of the finest chicken barbecue i ever tasted... Boneless... meat so soft.. pour up some soy sauce then add that long red hot chilli pepper.. its like an explosion of flavors.. i so love barbecue... specially this chicken barbecue.. 

 i enjoyed it so much that i ate the whole thing in minutes.. its just so good... 

 they also serve pork barbecues on a stick... dip it in with its special sauce on which they make it by themselves... its delicious..its absolutely delicious.... oh man writing this blog is like  a punishment if you're really hungry... go try heaven's bbq. im sure you'l never look at any other chicken barbecue ever... 

Recovery Food

I was working really late at the office doing some product shots and i just looked at my watch and it was already 3am! When you're inside the studio its like you're in a different dimension or something and you dont usually track down the time... So i promised to myself that i should reward myself something really nice.. something that would make me recover from the stress im enduring on that moment.. Some thing like a recovery food.. then boom! It just hit me! Recovery Food it is! They serve the best rice toppings you can ever think of. I went there and ordered my favorite Happy Beef Rice... Its like the best tapa you could ever imagine on top of their delicious fried brown rice. I also ordered their delicious dalandan juice... What a meal at 3 in the morning! Try it for yourself! Recovery Food is located at the 32nd street in Bonifacio Global City.  

Royal View Seafood Restaurant

Royal View Seafood Restaurant is one of those classy restaurants you will find at SM Mall of Asia. If you love seafood, this is definitely one of those places that you want to visit. They have a wide selection of seafood that you will find. Taking pictures of these wonderful dishes is an honor actually... it looks so good and delicious. Tried another sandwich lighting on this crab over here. Then i stepped on the chair and took the shot straight from the top. I'd like to thank Gourdo's for the wonderful chopping board which i bought for sale :)

the lobster looks really delicious, too bad i didnt had the chance to taste it. Looks really delicious...

the scallops looks amazing as well. Styling this one is actually a work of art. I havent asked the name of the chef who styled this one... he has an amazing job working on the food... really amazing.. i actually wanna learn how he does it.

this soup is also delicious... it has sotanghon in it.. some mushrooms and some fish... i had a bowl of these.. 

Tasted this badboys over here. Shrimps..swimming in cheese! Do the usual thing in peeling of the skin off the shrimps and dip it in the super delicious cheese sauce... honestly.. my mind went blank. Its like...ugh.. delicious... absolutely delicious!

i am so happy with this photo... i wanted to incorporate the background (which is the chicken) onto the main subject on which is this really delicious chicken soup with some noodles on top... its actually one of the chefs ideas and he wanted to have that execution... he was happy with the shot actually.. i was happy as well. :) That chopping board is starting to have a general audience! Its the star for most of my food shots :) 

had another angle of the delicious crab... looks really delicious.......

Royal View's interior is just beautiful. Its very stylish. very classy.... its wonderful. It has this great ambiance that you will surely love... Great food, awesome ambiance.. its a total fine dining experience. I would like to thank Ms. Lida for being so hospitable..very hands on and for letting us enjoy their magnificent food. This is truly one great place for seafood! 

Gulliver's of San Francisco, Great Eastern Hotel

Food adventure doesnt stop! I went to this restaurant over at Quezon City called Gulliver's of San Francisco and it was really something. It was big.. it was huge! Sitted inside the fabulous Great Eastern Hotel . This seafood pasta is absolutely delicious.. Good timing coz i was so hungry shooting this one... as a food photographer.. never take pictures of food if you're really hungry coz its like a punishment! I tell you., this seafood pasta is one of the best!  

Now this one is a treat. Its actually Onion soup topped with Parmesan Cheese.... this was so good.. perfect appetizer. The parmesan just blended with the taste of the onions... i love it... 

For the main course, this i think is their breaded chicken topped with very delicious melted cheese and some tomato sauce... this is so good... absolutely delicious.. Chicken is really tasty.. the sauce is really good and the cheese is just superb.. This is one heck of a meal...   served with mashed potatoes and some veggies.  

Gulliver's also serve one of the best prime ribs in town. Maybe someday id love to try that one. That, probably what i'l order for my next visit. Visit Gulliver's over at Great Eastern Hotel (Aberdeen Court in Quezon Ave.) and im sure you will have a delightful dining experience... 

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Just wanna share this photo of my friend Monica taken at Eco Park over at QC. I was looking for some files in my external hard drive and came across my last photoshoots and saw this... Monica here is just beautiful.. The photoshoot was for my officemates clothing line called Z clothing.. Good times..  take note.. this is candid by the way :)

Bar Dolci

Some people say, the only thing that would make em happy in this world for the moment is ice cream... and i believe its true. Sometimes when you're at your worst, ice cream just makes it all go away... Now if you want some seriously delicous ice cream, better try Bar Dolci's sugar free gelatos over at Burgos Circle at BGC. Its creamy, not that sweet and so delicious....

They have so many flavors to choose from.. you should try combining two flavors in one cup to enjoy the maximum flavor..wow! what an adjective.. just cant think of any.. ok Utmost goodness! :)  

Try also their delicious macarons..its soft..very tasty.. and again very delicious.. they have a whisky flavored macarons which im sure you will love.. they are quite pricey coz they sell 50 pesos per piece.. but then again its all good because its so delicious... 

 you can have em dine in or you can have em to go as a gift... comes in these nifty boxes. 

place is really nice and cozy. they even have a photo gallery at the 2nd floor... Too bad i cropped the signage on the right which says "Life is sweet..." it is sweet indeed... :) Had a great experience here. Id probably come back some other time if i wanna relax and have some ice cream after a long stressful day.... 

Lush Cupcakes

I had a sudden urge for cupcakes... that photoshoot from Lush Cupcakes was just unforgettable. One of my favorite shots i ever done is the one on top.. This is one of the few "sandwiched light " thats almost perfect! Seamlessly done.. I always wanted a really nice top shot and i really have to master this... This was taken on top of a black, granite kitchen counter... two strobes at the side diffused by a shoot thru umbrella... both strobes powered at 1/4 - Nikon SB600 

cute cupcake toppers! 
had another shot but this time i placed my strobe diffused with an umbrella on top of the cupcakes then i used a reflector in front... it made reflections on the granite countertop..i just post processed it using photoshop afterwards.. Love the cute cupcake toppers! :)

yummy! i so want one right now
this is actually one of my favorite shots. I really have to learn to incorporate something at the background for my shots. it makes the photo more interesting...I just have to dig more inspirations in doing food photography. I also want to learn food styling as well... I remember Mark Floro said, a good food photo makes your audience hungry... makes them crave... i think i have a good one here coz even myself is craving for some cupcakes right now! :)