Friday, March 11, 2011

Black and Gold ( Subaru )

Saw this really nice Subaru hatch on the parking lot. Love the way it was dropped! Bronze rims on a black car is really hot. This car is nice and neat.

Look how lowered it is. Looks really good. Those rims are bold and strong looking. I love it. I also love the body kit. i dunno if its stock or not.

This is the best part. This is what you call Stance. Its popular in the US and the other parts of the world. I didnt know more people are hooked into this kind of wheel fitment here in the philippines. Check out their site at

Took these photos right after our shoot from sofitel. I was with my co-graphic artist / photographer giving me a ride back to the office. When i got out of his car., saw this really nice subaru and again shutter clicks seem to vibrate inside my head.

To the owner of this car.,you have one sweet ride dude!

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