Friday, January 29, 2016

A Lot of Feels From Tali Beach

Hey guys. It's 2016! This is my first post of the year. I havent been bloggin for quite some time. It's either I'm too lazy to write, or  too depressed to give a shit about anything. Or maybe, I'm just too damn busy with all those shoots and events. 2015 is such a wild ride. It started smooth yet ended rough. Painful it may seem but, we all just have to move on. Pick ourselves up and start over. 
I kinda made a promise... a promise to myself to...cheer myself up. That the world is a better place and theres always something better for all of us. Thats why, at least once a month, i should go travelling. Wherever it may be, as long as Im far away just keeping my spirits high, I'll be good. Tali beach is my 1st stop for the month of January.

This place is quite special for me... Years ago, I was here with Abby and we really had fun. It's a combination of joy and sadness when I reminisce. We really had a great time here with our friends.  I believe, she already moved on. As for me, I haven't. I still miss her. 
Anyways..,weather is great at Nasugbu Batangas. We were kinda spooked coz on Tagaytay, it's drizzling... Good thing when we reached Batangas, the sun started to shine. Photo on top is from Marina beach. This spot is a lot better than the Main beach coz it's spacious. There are trees that provides shade for your car and the beach is clear and free from sharp stones and corals as you reach the middle part of the shore. 

My friend dawna loves to do this everytime she hits the sand. She's quite a natural athlete and it doesnt hurt much to take pictures of her doin yoga or cartwheeling. You can do a lot of things here. Too bad i forgot to bring my frisbee! Oh by the way, theres a volleyball court near the beach. So if you feel like smashing balls than beach bummin, here it is!  

I have to admit, I'm a lazy mothafuc...I'm not athletic nor a gymnast. Besides working my jaw eating... I just love to lounge around and bury my feet in the sand. It's one of those things that I really love. It's actually my bliss... Rememberin this moment as I stare on the picture actually relaxes me....  

One thing that really astonishes me with Tali is that it's not a resort. It's actually a village! People owns properties here and damn if ever i win the lottery, I'd probably buy a property here just like the house from that top photo. It's so peaceful and serene. Imagine waking up in the morning with a beach view like this as you do your morning stretch....

While swimming...I heard a fisherman shouting "Lobsters , Lobsters! " I went to his boat and saw these newly caught bad boys... Quite expensive though. For 800 pesos per kilo, one lobster costs around 2000 pesos.  If you have a knack for these crustaceans, locals sell it here fresh! 

Sundown, the day is slowly ending. Sun, little by little dies down and the sky's lovely gradients and hues are starting to come out. I normally dont see that when Im in the city so I really appreciate these things. Calm waters... the soothing sounds of waves crashing at the rocks...the fresh air. It calms the whole body..even pierces through the soul.  This what Vitamin Sea can give you.... a natural high.

I posted this photo on my IG account and I said "Lord, I dunno what it is yet....but thank you in advance. Thank you for this day" . Everytime I see rays of light falling down from the clouds, theres some kind of a divine intervention happening. It seems like, he's sending a message. I just dunno what it is. And whatever it is, we just have to be thankful. 
It's an awesome weekend. I'd like to thank my fellow friends, Dawna, Nicco and Lorie for this trip. It's a long drive.. but its fun. 

More travels this year! 

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