Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sonsi House of Longganisa

I so love longganisa. They come in different forms and taste depending where they came from. What if all of your favorite longganisas can be found in one spot and savor the taste of one of philippines famous delicacy. This is the right place if you're dying to try every single one of them! Welcome to Sonsi's! Home of the greatest longganisa's this side of the country.

If you're a longganisa lover, you can now enjoy the longganisa of Alaminos, Cabanatuan, Lucban, Vigan, Tuguegarao, Cebu, Bacolod and Pampanga all in one place! This is their famous longganisa platter. With matching suka., sinasabi ko sayo.. makakalimutan mo ang pangalan mo sa sarap! Argh! Tastes so good!

Sonsi's for me is one of those places you love to hang around specially when you want a little booze in your system. And of course! what popular "pulatan" do pinoys really enjoy along with their beer? Syempre ang sisig! This is a definite must try. Love the sound of it everytime it sizzles lalo na yung pumuputok putok pa! Damn this tastes good..

Now this one is our favorite. Kropek! yeah boy! Not only its affordable, masarap sya isabay sa malamig na malamig na beer! With some fried chicken wings on the side im sure, solb na solb ang inuman. Its crrrunchy!! Sarap.

Another crowd favorite is their Tokwat baboy. Usually partner to talaga ng kropek at mani. Enjoy it with a bottle of beer. Love the kinda sweet and spicy touch of the dish. My favorite pulutan. (I also love this shot! kagutom!!)

Now if you want a different approach, try this tokwa with i guess, oyster sauce.. hehe.. forgive me i forgot to ask the name of the dish. The sauce is really nice. and it smells really good!

They even serve pizzas! I didnt know that actually. I grabbed a slice at ang sarap! Now i know what to order the next time i visit Sonsi.

Say hello to Jack, Jim, Johnny, Jose and all their other friends! They'r all here to give you company! Man o man o man! Look at those drinks! Parang isang magandang panaginip lang! They are all available at Sonsi's and you can buy them by the bottle or even by the shot. :)

Thanks to Mr. John Sison, the owner of Sonsi's for the warm hospitality he gave us. Id like to thank Judy Choi!! from partnership, for assisting me with the reflector. Another great shoot.. another great place crashed!

Till my next food adventure only here at mac centeno images! (parang show lang sa tv ah.. hehe) Peace!

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