Friday, September 2, 2011

A Visit at Ka Lui

After a long strenuous day., nothing beats a sumptuous dinner at one of Puerto Princesa's famous restaurant - Ka Lui. The place is really nice. It has this Pinoy feel once you step inside... Its like., your coming home with all those favorite filipino dishes.. its a very relaxing feeling... makes you wanna close your eyes while savoring the feeling...

Once you step at Ka Lui, you have to do it Barefoot! Yes. Slippers, shoes, wabakis are not allowed inside Ka Lui's. Just like in a grocery, you have to leave your shoes at a designated place and they will give you a number. Dining barefoot makes it more homey.. makes it more.. relaxing... its just like your home... they also have seats where tables are low like the ones in Japan and you sit on pillows...

Going to Ka Lui is not that easy coz you have to reserve ahead to dine here. Its like a tradition for people to visit this popular place and its a must for visitors, mostly tourists, to experience the ambiance of the famous restaurant. You're lucky if you happen to get a table without a reservation...this place is packed!

You can see here the floors shiny shimmering splendid!..its like. the floor is waxed every 3 hours! The place is really nice and clean and i love the lighting. It has this amberish...golden hues that for me its really relaxing... =)

Once you get inside, theres this table filled with fruits that will welcome you. I never seen a dragon fruit before and its here at Ka Lui. See those people sitting on pillows... they look really relaxed.. and enjoying their dinner really well.. :)

Enough with the pictures! Its time to eat! But before everythin else, i have to take some snaps of the food that im goin to devour! hehe. Heres there famous Sizzling Pusit.

Now its time for some Sisig. This is so good... grrr.. nagugutom na ako habang sinusulat ko tong blog na to.... (starting to get hungry as i write this blog...)

This Grilled tuna is so delicious. I saw this flaming when they are cooking this one. Its really juicy and its fresh! Its so good...

Good thing about this restaurant is that you can see the kitchen... and you see the cooks preparing the dishes and everything that comes out from the counter looks really good and delicious! Just love the plating and all. No wonder this place is really famous coz the people who prepare the food really puts their heart to it. You can see her the cooks striking a pose. :)

Of course no Pinoy dish is complete without Sinigang! Damn this is so delicious. Its really good... the fish is so tender.. and they use the freshest vegetables.. they serve this one in a palayok and heated by something burning at the bottom (i dunno haha..)

And of course! Nothing beats a good sinigang with these 2 badboys over here.. Shrimps (or prawns.??) ! i love it! Its juicy.. argh.. sarap sobra.. Im a sucker for shrimps!

at home, this is my mother's favorite. its called "La-to". Its some kind of a sea weed and its really good when you dip it in vinegar... the best!

After dinner, we roamed around the area and saw some paintings hanging of the wall. I believe they are for sale. The paintings are really good. They also sell shirts, some abaca woven bags and some interesting and weird art pieces ( i dunno if the statues are for sale but they do look weird...)

Upon entering Ka Lui, we saw this really funny signs. Hehe. Its so artehhh.. "were closed pa..." " na.." haha. ..

Our stay in Ka Lui is really memorable. Were so full both on our bellies and our eyes. Its so relaxing., its so serene.. its very Filipino. You will really love it i tell you. Dont leave puerto prinsesa without visiting Ka Lui. I tell you., you will definitely have a great time. Thanks to Aica for travelfactor for bringing us here.

Its one of those moments i would never forget. Good times! =)

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