Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everything Ordinary

Palawan is home to a lot of fascinating things. Even ordinary things seems to be beautiful. For instance, Xandi's precious lomo cameras are simply amazing. I never seen a Sprocket Rocket before... Its panoramic view gives lomo lovers an added punch to their photos. The fisheye camera also looks promising. Im actually excited to see Xandi's photos...

They call it Taxi-cles. This is Puerto Princesa's main mode of transportation. This is their own version of their yellow cab. Now this one is somehow unique coz it kinda looks like a camaro! Talkin about bumblebee tricycle version! Solid pare! hehe.

At Ka Lui, saw this really nice Abaca.... i guess those are curtains or maybe table runners. The texture is really nice and the colors are so vivid and bright. Its quite expensive though but for something hand woven and made with love, this is a good buy. Abby bought a huge shoulder bag out of Abaca and theres a really nice print of a fern leaf on the side.

What a better way to start a good day is to have a very nice breakfast. I ordered the Filipino style, Danggit with eggs and along with coffee it gave me that up beat mood and started the day right. Great day in Palawan and having a power breakfast before everything else is a must... Just by lookin at this actually made me hungry...

My stay at Ka Lui is not only appetizing but also a feast into my eyes. Artworks are all around! Fabulous paintings like this one surround the restaurant making it delightful place. I love this piece. I wish i could paint one... all i ever think of when im in front of a canvas is weird, bizarre, creepy and strange manifestations that I myself is scared to paint it....therefore, i just keep my thoughts inside.

Before we left Manila, i just made some snaps and framed this lady looking by the window. Again, shutter clicks kept on clasping at the back of my head and took the photo. What is she thinking? Is she excited goin to Palawan? Is she anxious on what she's about to do.. I dunno., it just gave me a lot of questions with the framed scene above.... I love photos with stories behind them and the fact that you dont know what it is makes it more interesting...

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