Sunday, July 29, 2012


Zubuchon Lechon
Anthony Bourdain, one of the most respected chef / food critic around the world, quoted Zubu Lechon as " The Best Pig...EVER " No doubt about it, every word that he said  is true. This is definitely one of the best Lechon I ever tasted. That crispy skin. That soft, moist meat is simply delicious! 

Ensaladang Talong
 Abby also ordered some Ensaladang Talong (Eggplant salad) to balance the taste. This one is really good as well. It made my zubuchon experience more delightful! 

Kamias Shake 
Abby wanted me to try their Kamias Shake. I thought it would be really sour but its not. Its really good actually. Theres this taste of the Kamias but the added sweetness made it really refreshing! I loved it so much.

Zubu Lechon is located in different parts of Cebu. We went to their restaurant at One Mango Avenue Bldg. If you want to order a whole roasted pig, you can call (032)236-5264, and make reservations at least three days in advance. Zubuchon also offers free deliveries for locations that are within 15 minutes’ drive from the Capitol building. 

No wonder why a lot of people come home from Cebu with Zubuchon as their pasalubong. Its really good. Definitely one of the best. Me and Anthony Bourdain will vouch for that!

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