Monday, June 18, 2012


Xocolat is small restaurant in front of Ateneo de Manila University which  probably serves the best Hot Chocolate ever. As in. Its that good!!  Me and Abby went to Xocolat to have dinner after we heard mass at UP Diliman. Its just perfect! Sippin' that hot cup of hot chocolate in a cold, rainy, stormy weather. These photos are from my last photoshoot when we had a deal with their brownies and I was kinda surprised that I havent posted it yet onto my blog. I just have to post it this time. Anyways, we had dinner there and I ordered their Xocolat Chicken Pasta.. damn it was so delicious! Abby ordered the Pork Belly which is so good as well. Too bad i dont have pictures =/ . I also ordered my favorite Hot Xocolat. Perfect for this stormy weather. Ived been dreaming of it since almost the whole day and Xocolat was the first thing that came in to my mind.

My first time at Xocolat was awesome.I was there as early as 7:30am. People there were already sippin their hot cup of coffee while reading the paper. =) Great place to start the day right. They'r playing 80's music..very relaxing.. Most of the regulars there are students (from Ateneo perhaps) studiying  as they sip their favorite drinks.   You can just smell the hot chocolate in the air. Love it!  The place is actually an old house converted into a coffeshop.  I like the decorations at the store. The cute fountains..the figurines and the chairs has this vintage feel. Its like a blast in the past feel. Photo above  is their delicious brownies. Its moist, crunchy on top.You'l definitely say "mmmmmm" after that first bite. Its best partnered with their  Hot Chocolate :)

They have lots and lots of pastries available. The cakes looks really delicious. Saw a blueberry cheesecake over there and its really tempting! Maybe next time il have  that for dessert.. I was just so full lastnight i cant handle another slice or a spoonful of anything =).  What a great dining experience me and abby had lastnight. :) If you happen to drop by katipunan avenue, drop by Xocolat. Its just in front of Ateneo. If you're coming from UP Diliman, take the street after Rustans Supermarket on the right.(I think thats Gonzales Street - not sure though)   Im gonna say it again., Xocolat by far for me is the best Hot Chocolate Experience ever. :) not to mention they serve great food as well.. :)

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