Monday, July 23, 2012

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Dry Chili Noodle with char Siew and Wanton
Hong Kong is one of those places I really love to dine. Food there is just spectacular. I remember my first time in Hong Kong, we went to this Chinese Restaurant and they serve really great food. They have different kinds of noodles. Wide variety of beef and pork choices. It was also my first time to eat a Peking Duck! You dont need to go to Hong Kong to experience these kinds of dishes. You simply have to go to this place that literally blasts you off to HK in no time. This place is called Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe over at SM Mall of Asia. 

Century Egg with Tender Pork Porridge
This was a surprise shoot actually. Usually they inform me a day ahead everytime I go on an outdoor shoot. But this shoot was special. I was still shooting some products for retail when they asked me to go to Mall of Asia for a photoshoot at Xin Wang. I finished up my retail chores then went straight to Mall of Asia. 

Beef Kway Teow with Vegetable (dry)

I dont usually go to Mall of Asia coz its really far from my place. Im suppose to meet Jossie, one of our beloved sales people. She will help me along with the photoshoot. That mall was so big i dont know where to go. I just kept asking where to go. The concierge said its just near the IMAX area. Good thing their sign is big enough and I did  not missed it. 

Hot Coconut Float
The place was really nice. It was spacious. Interior looks really nice and cozy. The atmosphere is really inviting. The smell of great food flooded the area. I so love this Hot Coconut Float. Im a great fan of coconuts and coconut milk. I love this. After I took a photo of this i asked permission if I can have it. At first was heaven. It was soooo good.  I love it. If you love "ginataan" this one is for you. Its a must try.

Iced Grass Jelly with Longan and Nata 
 They also have this special kind of drink. Special coz i havent tasted one yet. This is called the Iced Grass Jelly with Longan and Nata. This is my first time to taste Longan and its really good! The drink is so refreshing. It has this bits of Nata and Jelly. This one is a sure winner I tell you. A must try as well.  

Black Pepper Beef and Rice
 The beef of this dish is so tender eating it is so effortless. I tell you this dish is the bomb! Its sooo good. It has the right amount of saltiness. The taste is just bursting with flavor! Really great dish.  Also a must try.

Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop
Thats parmesan cheese over there  by the way. I so love parmesan cheese! This dish is just fabulous. Its soo delicious! The combination of the parmesan, the rice and the chicken is spectacular! Its a complete meal actually. I enjoyed eating this one. Its just so good... At this point i was so full. My tummy will burst anytime..

Everytime i write a blog, sometimes, i just dont know what to write anymore., Im lost for words somehow. I dunno how to describe it. Its kinda weird i always repeat the same sentences over and over again... Anyways, most of the food shots that i took is absolutely delicious. Really delicious. I think i havent shoot anything that does not taste good... Oh well,  we had another great photoshoot. We definitely gained weight after that. After the shoot, i have to go back to the office to finish the other products that I havent photographed yet. I brought some of the food so my other officemates can enjoy as well.  It was raining hard back then, good thing the owner of the place asked his driver to take us back at the office. It was such a nice gesture that we would never forget. We were so thankful that night coz it raining and the traffic is just horrendous.  

Xin Wang is such a nice place if you love chinese fusion food. Place is comfy. Its spacious. Very nice hardworking staff. Love their service.  Its one of those places you would love to go if you're craving for some chinese food. As of now they have a deal at Heres the link for that. For only P199 php, you will have a 400 peso Gift Certificate. Now thats a great deal!

For more info, you can give them a call at (+632)8227518 . They also accept reservations and functions. Great food, Great Place! Go visit Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Im sure your dining experience will be a blast! 


  1. Awesome photos! I'd love to try this restaurant out :)

  2. thank you sir! yes you should! i so love their ginataan inside the buko.


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