Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mandarin Sky Seafood & Shabu Shabu

Here we go again! Another photoshoot for me and yes! Im so damn excited about it! Photoshoots is usually stressful but its fun and i learn a lot from it. Parang every shoot, meron akong natututunan na technique or bagong angle or hitting the right settings for my strobes and camera. Im gaining a lot of experience photographing food and even styling it! And of course, enjoying the food after the shoot! =)

I accidentally left my speedlight at the office and I have no choice to shoot the food using only window light with the help of my reflectors and diffusers. I used a reflector to even out the light . And used a diffuser, to minimize the harsh light coming from the window, giving it a soft and gentle tone. Just perfect to light things up!

The crab, its so damn delicious! Once you had a piece of its meat, di ka na titigil! You would surely go for more! Yung toasted garlic sa may taas nung crab grabe sarap.. Yun yung nagpapasarap. This is a must try at Mandarin Sky.. sobrang panalo ng crabs nila... (This will be Ensogo's deal coming really soon so better do watch out for it).

Now this one is extremely delicious. Those are prawns and walnuts. Di talaga ako magaling sa mga terminologies but the prawns are coated with some kind of breading and has this special sweet chili sauce. It tastes really good! The thing is., you have to eat it along with the walnuts for added satisfaction! Sumasabog sa loob ng bibig mo yung sarap! Yung lasa ng prawns., then yung sweet taste nung walnuts.. grabe ang sarap... i swear.

When you look at it at first you might think its not delicious or even disgusting. Pero kapag tinikman mo tong oysters nila, inay ko.. ang sarap.. as in. Mapapa "mmmmm" ka talaga. Its so good!!! Nung una., parang ayaw ko kainin eh... i tried a piece and umm.. isa pa nga.. then isa pa.. then isa pa! Ayun na.. montek ko na maubos yung isang bandehado... haha. Sarap!

Havent tried the dimsum. I heard masarap daw yung Pork Siomai nila dito. Favorite ko pa naman yun. At the back of my head i was asking myself kung..kukunan ko ba ng picture yung mga dimsum... sana sana. hehe. I could have asked pero nahiya naman ako.. haha Marunong din naman ako mahiya.. :) Madami na naman silang hinanda so I guess ok lang na walang dimsum.. hehe. Loved to shoot them though...

The ladies up front are asking me if I could take their photo.. Why of course! I asked them to hold on to the boxes of the Mooncakes and told them to strike a pose. They gave their best smiles then they said "Pa-tag sa facebook ha..." hehe.

Im not sure what kind of fish this is but i do believe this one is lapu-lapu. Deep fried to crunchiness and topped with... i think those are stripped mangoes! Then placed on a pool of sweet chilli sauce. Grabe, amoy pa lang, maglalaway ka na. Yung pagkacrunchy nung isda grabe ang sarap... tapos saw-saw mo dun sa sauce.. whooo! panalo. Grabe., nagutom ulit ako habang sinusulat ko to..

You have to commend the chef for doing these stunning dishes! The food is so good and im sure you will enjoy dining here at Mandarin Sky. Its located at the corner of Simon Street and Banawe. They have this big signboard im sure you wont miss it. Id like to give my million, thank yous for the owners and staff of Mandarin Sky specially to sir ernesto and chris for being super hospitable.. In behalf of the production team of Ensogo-LivingSocial, thank you so much for the take-out.. Sobrang sarap daw sir. The guys back at the office are really thankful. Parang binagyo yung mga ulam! haha. Also, i would like to thank Judy for assisting me with the shoot. Thanks Judy Choi! Salamat din sa charms mo binigyan kami ng madaming take-out! haha :P kidding.

I really had fun today. I just love my job so much... Good times and happy eats! Till my next food adventures. :)

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