Monday, September 26, 2011

The Potter's Ridge Hotel

Tired of the hustles and bustles of the city? Why not try to have a trip to Tagaytay and savor the fresh breeze of the mountains at one of the best hotel Tagaytay has to offer - The Potter's Ridge Hotel. Its just 67 Kilometers away from Makati. Experience the luscious greens, the breathe of fresh air, a pause from reality as you enjoy this very quiet and tranquil place that you will surely relieve the stress out of your tired and busy body.

Their rooms are generously large enough for your maximum relaxation. Enjoy their FIlipino inspired furnitures that will surely make you feel home. This room is one of the best ived ever seen when you're talking about a room with a view.. Look at that! Taal Volcano is just a glimpse away! Its simply awesome.

Upon waking up., you will see Taal Volcano peeking into you as you enjoy the hum of the birds which is quite beautiful to hear unlike the sound of your snarly alarm clock. As you stand up and stretch your arms.., you'l simply say.. ahhhhh.. tahhgaytay love.... Awesome view.. breath-taking!

In this place., every room has a view! The rooms are all facing the ridge giving you a nice clean view of Taal volcano. The place is also well maintained and everything is clean, spic and span! The furnitures are really beautiful. The tables and chairs are awesome pieces im sure it will also attract your attention.

Other rooms are also big. Perfect for families who wish to relax and have a wonderful stay in Tagaytay. Wake up with the sound of birds and even goats roaming around the fresh greens surrounding the hotel... Its an instant satisfaction for all your tired and weary eyes...

After a long day taking pictures, i was tired and really hungry. I went to the cafeteria and grabbed some lunch. Again, the room is screaming with an awesome view. Fresh breeze enters the room makin it a little chilly.. perfect for some hot soups... or bulalo!

The chef served me some stripped chicken with vegetables. Looks like an ordinary chicken dish to me but tell you., this is so delicious! Love the presentation. Its really good!

My stay at Potter's Ridge is like a very nice dream. Everything seems to be perfect! Spectacular view of Taal, very nice and hospitable people, good food, and a place with a Filipino ambiance that will surely give you the proper relaxation your body is asking for. Visit potter's ridge and im sure you wont regret your stay...

For more info., visit The Potter's Ridge website. Thank you to Ms. Fe and her staff for the warm hospitality they gave me. Definitely, im goin to visit this place real soon....

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