Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year at The Lakeshore

This is one of the villas from Aeola East, a subdivision within The Lakeshore.  
My Brother Bam suddenly called and surprised us that hes coming home from Hong Kong! He invited us to go to The Lakeshore at Mexico Pampanga for this long weekend. Me and Papa took a long ride all the way from Fairview  to Pampanga at this hot, scorching weather. Good thing Sylvia pushed through real smooth and gave us a really nice sweet ride. I enjoyed the new car tint. It made our journey very comfy and cool. =)

The Aeola Villas are really nice. Its way bigger than the 1st ones that we rented. How i wish i can have a house like that someday. Its just perfect. Everything inside is very clean. The bathrooms are really nice. Very nice warm colors and to top it all, the air conditioning rocks! Love it. 

I never seen papa do this ever before. 
Kuya Bam wanted to go fishing and i said  huh? Fishing? I never fished in my entire life honestly. When we went to the shop, the lady said there are no more worms available.  Kuya somehow got depressed coz he really wanted to do this. So we just walked around the area and wished we have worms. I blurted out if we can just hook some fries for bait..maybe that would work..hehe. Axel who is persistent,  went to the shop and asked again. Lucky are we the staff dug-up worms across town coz a lot of people are asking for worms... We got a bowl full of earthworms and a fishing rod and we're set to go!

We asked the boatman to take the photo and he did  a pretty job!

Everybody should have a picture at the wharf. Its just beautiful with the Lighthouse at the background. We asked for Manong the boatman to take a photo of us. He's not only good driving boats but also a good photographer! I look crappy in this photo.. Due to hot weather perhaps...

This Lighthouse. The icon, the face of The Lakeshore.  

It was a really hot day and the clouds are awesome. Good thing Kuya brought along his camera.  Ignorance got me a little when i was fiddling with the controls of the D90! I got used with the the D7000 and stupid me got dumb-founded with the controls. If my D90 had a hand, it probably slapped me in the head!

Enjoying the fresh breeze. After this shot im itching all over.
Relax..... Letting time stop for a while. Just enjoying the cold breeze from the lake. The sound of the birds chirping and the smell of the newly trimmed grass. Confirmed, i got emo back then.. Hehe. They were busy fishing and I was busy laying around. Getting lazy...then got itchy!  Credits to Ate Ley for this photo. Just added some funk onto it. Colorsplashed!  

Axel's caught a small one that looks high on dope.
Seriously these fishes are on serious crack! Their eyes are so red they need visine for breakfast. We haven't caught anything bigger than this dude right here. Unlike from the photos from the shop where local anglers  caught freshwater monsters way bigger than their heads! These fishes are like babies..we just tossed them back...for a chance to grow and be eaten at the future...

Its nice seeing him like this unlike the usual scene where he grabs hold a  bottle of whisky
Our old man is having a great time out there. You can just see it on his face. Watching him having a great time is such a wonderful feeling. I think hes just too bummed out at home and he really needs a breather. Some fresh air. More pleasing sounds of nature than our annoying dogs... Papa.., well relaxed, reminiscing the good oL' times..

Mt.Arayat from afar. Just grabbed this photo from Kuya

Went swimming at the clubhouse.Perfect for this hot, sunny weather.

No tripod available, I just place the camera on the floor with my wallet holding the  lens.

That weekend was a great one. Just heard some revelations from my Father and from my Kuya. Things that i havent heard before. Its nice hearing something different from them, specially with Papa. I rarely see or hear him talk. Maybe because we dont ask. I didnt knew his life was so colorful it would pass for an episode for "Maalala Mo Kaya" . Thank goodness for all his sacrifices coz we wouldnt be here if he just fooled around.... Thanks Pa.. 

Its time to go home. When took another road-trip by bringing kuya to Tarlac. He will be staying at Ate Ley's till the end of his stay. When we arrived, the dining table is already waiting for us. They prepared ribs better than chillis! They'r so  damn delicious im so full like im gonna die..How i wish Abby was around... i know she love ribs so much...too bad she decided to stay behind.. =/ Dont worry beb, theres always a next time =)

Thanks to kuya for this long weekend full of corny jokes, long walks and somehow juicy revelations. Its rare to bond with the family which we dont really do... Even though Kuya Bam's stay was short, it was worth memorable. Me and Papa had a great time. Im excited for kuya's  future house at the Lakeshore. We will be visiting more often once its done! 


Just in from Ate Ley's email. This is the rendered perspective of kuya's house.  I love it. I so love modern contemporary architecture. Im sure this will be a really nice house once its built.  Good job kuya! :) 

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