Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Celebs!

Abby is one of the sweetest girl you'l ever meet. She always has this happy aura. You can always see her smile and with her soft voice.. even with a stressful day its just like a breeze...

Today is Abby's birthday and not only she got 1 cake.. not two.. she got 3 cakes all in all!!! Her team mates surprised her and even got Ms. Golda as their asset. 

Happy Birthday Abs! Stay cool. stay nice and keep that jokes coming! Say hello to the bright young people behind Merchant Services! Nice cake over there Abs! :)

Marie celebrated her birthday days back and Ms Janis brought some spaghetti and this delicious cake. Notice the candle is crooked?  Never seen a crooked  candle before on a birthday cake.. The cake was awesome. I believe its from Chef Stans. One of our deals at Ensogo.   

On the other hand, Shine is also celebrating her birthday! The marketing team gave her a surprise. Even pat gave her s surprise hug.. =)

Shine blowing one of her cakes.. even allen gave her help!

Its Ms. Sheila's birthday! I bet that cake tastes real good..

Donna and Cora had a double celebration as well as they blew one of their cakes. This strawberry cake from Contis is really good...

Meann also celebrated her birthday along with her teamates from customer service. That Mango Bravo over there is one of my favorites! 

I so love this picture. The text above says it all... Live hungry.. crave for some more... =)  Its Abigail's Birthday and what a way to celebrate it with her closest friends. They are more like sisters... They go out together, have lunch together.. have breaks together and even get stressed together! 

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