Sunday, December 30, 2012


I never been to a place so romantic, so serene.. so exclusive that bringing someone here for dinner is one of those plans that would definitely work. With its remarkable spanish / itallian ambiance and soothing atmosphere makes this place worthy for a magnificent dinner. Welcome to Forque Restaurant in Makati. With its red walls you will surely fall in love. 
Photo above is their delicious lamb chops. I normally dont eat lamb chops but this one is just fabulous. Its so delicious. The meat is so soft and tender. Its juicy. And its magnificently plated! This is a must order at Forque. Its one of the best!

They also served their delicious calamares. Breaded squid with their special dressing. Its delicious! Its so crunchy and i definitely love the sauce. Right after i took this photo i grabbed a piece! Cant help myself. 

I also tried their Ceasar Salad and this one really rocks! Fresh greens, bacon bits..its just perfect. I love it. 

 Now this one is a surprise! I never seen anything like this. This is Vanilla ice cream with caramel popcorn. Theres even some orange syrup right at the bottom and it complements the sweetness of the ice cream and the popcorn. Topped with i think those were strawberry syrup and crowned with a cherry. Its so good. I loved this one. 

Took a photo of the 3 dishes and that is just mouth-watering... Its a sight for someone really hungry. After that long walk along pasay road, this is such a treat!  

 Like I said earlier, the place is just fabulous. Great lighting, place is really nice and clean. Lovely red walls. The paintings are really nice. The place is just beautiful. I'd love to spend dinner with a special someone here someday. Great atmosphere, great ambiance. 
Forque will run a deal at (formerly Ensogo) real soon. Watch out for their deal at the site for great discounts. It will probably go live at around the first week of the year. I would like to thank the staff of Forque for their hospitality and warm welcomes. Guys check out this place its really nice. I highly recommend it. Thanks also to Pat for bringing me here. 
Another food adventure to end the year. I hope we have more food adventures next year. Looking forward to it. Happy New Year guys!

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