Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Fellas Steaks and Burgers

Steak? Did anybody said steak??? Check out this Tomahawk steak from Good Fellas! 1 kilo of Angus beef right in your face baby! The slab is so big! Its overwhelming. The whole thing just filled  the whole plate. Served with baked potatoes and some fresh salad, this dish is just perfect. 

I wanted to take a photo on how it was grilled. I snucked inside the kitchen and saw how its done. And  this is is how it looks! You can see the sauce dripping outside the meat! It looks so good...  

I have to apologize coz i forgot to ask the name of the chef. He was brilliant on what he's doing. He glazed the steak with olive oil to add the steak a little shine on top.  

I also took a photo of their bacon burger. The pattie is thick! I think its a half pounder or something. Then topped with bacon, cheese, some vegies and served with fries! 

The place has this mobster feel. Its filled with photos from the movie Good Fellas. I love the homey ambiance. The chillax sound. Tables are big enough and they have a fast internet! I actually uploaded my high res photos using their internet actually. Plus the service is really nice. People here are really hospitable. 

I would like to thank Sir Jon and Ms Judith for having me there. They were so nice. The shoot was so fast coz i have another shoot after. It was really short noticed and im happy i pulled it through. 

The Good Fellas deal launched lastnight. Go buy your vouchers now. See it at for more details. 


  1. Ah yes, one of my favorite restaurants :) You really should try the Pat and Geno's cheesesteak--it's awesome. Oh, and I wanted to thank you for dropping by our blog a few months ago!

  2. oooh ok.. id definitely will try that as well :)


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