Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cookbook Kitchen

 Cookbook Kitchen is one of the new restaurants found in Eastwood City. It was a great experience shooting there coz the place looks really good. The ambiance is superb. Not to mention the aroma of great food is all over the place.  Photo above is their Temecula Ribs. One of the best ribs ever. By the looks of it, its screaming satisfaction! 

This one is their best-seller. The Paremesan Crusted White Fish. I had a chance to taste this one and it soooo good. The fish is so soft and the taste is really delicious! If ever im gonna come back at this place, id definitely order this one. Im sure you will love it as well.  

Place is really clean. They have very nice and hospitable staff. When i was doing the shoot, the man beside me asked me what camera and lens I am using. I answered him politely. Turned out he loves photography as well and he even has his own studio. The great thing about it is that he invited me to shoot at his very own studio and boy i was excited. Best thing about my work is I meet a lot of interesting people..and sometimes i get free food :) Watch out for this great deal at Ensogo-LivingSocial. Im sure you will love dining at Cookbook Kitchen. 


  1. Hi sir Mac,
    I really loved your photos!
    Here's to hoping you've achieved your dreams of becoming a professional photographer for travel!!



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