Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Impressca Restaurant

Impressca Restaurant over at Quezon City is one of the healthiest restaurants i ever been to. They serve the healthiest kinds of food anyone can afford. I was lucky to take photos of the said restaurant. Its about time to eat something healthy and something organic..something super fresh and not your ordinary salads and greens.  Photo above is Corned Tuna with Pasta and Organic Lettuce. Partnered with brown rice. 

Ms Beth, the owner of the restaurant made a pact that she will only serve healthy and organic food. She wants it as healthy as possible. She has her own garden where she gathers all her herbs and spices for her dishes. Imagine, whats inside your meal is freshly picked! Impessca will soon launch a deal with Ensogo-Living Social. Please watch out for their amazing deal coming real soon at Ensogo's website

The salad is really delicious. The lettuce is so crunchy and the dressing tastes really good. You should try this one out as you visit the place. 
Impressca is located right in front of ELJ building near ABS-CBN. Once you see Ministop, you will see a big alley on the side where shops and restaurants are lined up. Impressca is at the far side of that big alley. Visit their store im sure you will enjoy their nice and humble place. Very homy and and very relaxing to dine in. 

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