Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nails and Teas

Went on a photoshoot with Nails and Teas in Tomas Morato for their marketing campaign. I was fortunate coz i really love photoshoots and its always been fun.

I love this idea by Janis and Ms. D. Organizing the nail polish like this. I really didnt thought about it and im just glad they did. Hehe. Looks really nice.

They offer the traditonal mani and pedi. and of course they'r very relaxing foot spa :)

Their place is really nice. Very cozy and very colorful.

It would be better if theres someone from the store to pose for their products. Good thing ate obliged and gave us her wonderful smile. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Rits!

Its Richard's birthday! We went to his place to celebrate this momentous occasion. Thanks to our friend Ron for organizing the party. Ron invited us for Rits' birthday. Funny though coz he's the last guy who knew that hes havin a party at his place. =)

Boozed of all sorts flowed at their humble abode (Pretty neat place). Beer, Vodka, Gin, tequila.., all of em went down our throats. Enjoyed it along with great laughs. The food is awesome! Nachos was fantastic and the pasta was great. Thanks to his friend Je for making the tacos. I never knew Rits can cook!

After all that booze, this is what i look like after I woke up. I look like a mess! i look horrible.. =/ But its all good..i had a great time lastnight. It was a great party. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Team Lunch @ Agave

Yesterday, we had our lunch at Agave along with the production team. Oh man, im so full I tell you. This is Edu's order, Burger A La Mexicana. Edu is our kick-ass web master. Surprisingly, he ordered a big-ass burger in a mexican restaurant and i think its not a bad choice at all! hehe. Look at that burger.., its screaming beef!

This is a shot of the guys while walking along Fort strip. We are headed back to the office. We're already an hour over break.. i think. haha :)

I color splashed kannika because of her dress. Hehe. Eye catching when you mix blue and yellow... Hey., its just like that song from the Used..

Now this is what I ordered! I was craving for Burritos lately and what a great time to have one at Agave. I ordered this Grande Steak burrito that is so huge and fat they have to cut it in half. Partnered with Nachos and iced tea, my lunch was just heaven.

The last time I went to Agave was with Abby and her friends at eastwood city. We had margaritas and nachos that we usually order when we visit that place.Our intentions is to get boozed up.Agave for me is of the best Mexican restaurants i ever been to. I must say., im coming back anytime.

Thanks to boss Jans for the treat. I think we should do this "team lunch" more often. haha. Good times! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

QCAA Season 4 Volleyball Finals

This is Claret's Highschool Boys Volleyball Team. These guys played like a well-oiled machine! They just played better against their challenger, Angelicum. Their set-up plays are quicker. Smooth and efficient. They move their feet a little faster and they are a lot solid. They really deserve that title. The Claret boys won their third straight QCAA championship.

This is one of my favorite shots from the Highschool Girls Finals game. Angelicum won the game against Miriam College. The twin towers of Angelicum just gave Miriam a hard time. They are just blocking pretty well.

The coveted crown., The price. The reason for all the sacrifice. Being a student athlete is one of the greatest achievement a youth could ever have. This is your time guys. Enjoy it! Earn it! Congratulations to all the winners!

My favorite shot of the night. Number 8 spiker of Claret Justin Bonifacio, spiked that ball with so much force the stunned the boys of Angelicum. This was a perfect quick set-up by number 5 player Belleza that gave the boys of claret their third straight championship crown.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Self Portrait

Camera test. Saw this really huge mirror and decided to take a photo of myself. Thanks to Alan Andico for lending me his speedlight. You're my savior Alan! hehe. Thanks.

Full Bloom

Early morning, i noticed one of mama's orchid's is in bloom. Minsan ko lang sya makita ng ganito kaganda. I grabbed my camera and gave the full bloom a portrait... with a touch of bokeh. =) Shot under f/3.2 at 1/320 on ISO200

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bubble Tea Boy

Bubble Tea Boy is my second official Ensogo shoot. Me and Ms.D went at their branch in Greenhills to take photos of the facade and their products. I think its located where the ol' Gonuts Donuts is situated before. The owners gave us their warm hospitality and even gave us free drinks. =) I just love these perks!

This is Ms.D, our Marketing executive and most of the time models for our merchant's products and services :)

Bubble Tea Boy is actually a really nice drink! I recommend it to everyone. It was quite an experience shooting at promenade coz the guards tried to stop me while working. Bubble Tea owners just explained to the guard that we are just doing this for a blog and not for advertising or marketing....

and here i am doing so. hehe

One More Photo

This is my Ensogo family. I had a chance to take the company photo and its quite an honor. Took this one at the front of our building. This is the so called "wacky shot" hehe. Used my tripod on this one and my nifty remote . Even though the light conditions are pretty nasty, still managed to get a better exposure (thanks to live mode). These guys are amazing. Very dedicated, full of joy and jolly most of the time yet serious and composed in getting the job done. Im so happy to be a part of something big.

Took a photo of some of my officemates after our company photoshoot. Most of them already went up and these guys managed to stay to take another photo. These guys are really nice and really fun to be with. I can say., im really enjoying my stay at my new job right now. Promise them to give them more great photos.. :) in return for their warm hospitality. :)