Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Rits!

Its Richard's birthday! We went to his place to celebrate this momentous occasion. Thanks to our friend Ron for organizing the party. Ron invited us for Rits' birthday. Funny though coz he's the last guy who knew that hes havin a party at his place. =)

Boozed of all sorts flowed at their humble abode (Pretty neat place). Beer, Vodka, Gin, tequila.., all of em went down our throats. Enjoyed it along with great laughs. The food is awesome! Nachos was fantastic and the pasta was great. Thanks to his friend Je for making the tacos. I never knew Rits can cook!

After all that booze, this is what i look like after I woke up. I look like a mess! i look horrible.. =/ But its all good..i had a great time lastnight. It was a great party. :)

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