Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Song Do Won Korean Restaurant

Over the weekend, I have this serious craving for korean food...Samgyupsal to be exact. I think the heavens above smiled upon me and  I received an email that I have a schedule for a photoshoot in one of the premiere korean  restaurants in Macapagal Avenue, the Song Do Won Korean Restaurant. It's my first time here! The place is nice and big. I think my cravings for Samgyupsal will soon be over. 

I was preparing my lights and strobes for the shoot and i was kinda excited, thrilled, and hungry to see what am i about to photograph. The veggies rolled out, then the spices and the sauces are coming in. I am now elated to see the meat. Then there it is.. one of the staff is carrying a plateful  of lean, red and fresh thin slices of pork ready to be grilled! Eto na sya! I took some shots first for the set meals and then we started to fire up the grille! 

and now we're cooking! That sound of that meat cooking off the grill is like a lullaby to my ears. Its kinda weird noh? I do think Im naturally weird.. Anyways,  They're not using any cooking oil.  It actually cooks in its own once you throw it down the heat.  The oil seeps out of the meat, and it goes thru the grooves of the pan and gently being drained. Somehow its kinda healthy. :) 

They have this veggie called the chinese cabbage and this is my first to see this in a samgyupsal meal. I made my wraps with it and it tastes really good! I even ordered a bottle of Soju to make the experience more satisfying! Samgyupsal + Soju is actually the one two punch for me. It's really good! 

I forgot to ask what kind of soup this is. When it arrived in the table its still boiling! I have to take a quick snap of it and I wanna photograph the thing  boiling. I think this is some kind of a Tofu soup... i saw big chunks of tofu in there. I tasted it and its so delicious. Tofu regularly helps lower bad cholesterol, alleviates symptoms associated with menopause and even lowers the risk of cancer.

Song Do Won Korean Restaurant will soon run a great deal at Ensogo. Please do watch out for it in our website real soon. There are meals for two and for four. Photo above is the meal for two and its all worth it. Im not yet informed about the price though. Please do watch out for it. 

Song Do Won Korean Restaurant is located at HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal, San Jose, Pasay City. You can give them a call at (02) 8040757, (+63) 9178224554 for more info. Many thanks for the staff for all the help! Thank you! You guys are wonderful. 

Another craving satisfied. More food shoots to come! 
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