Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Nutty Bavarian

Eating Cashew nuts are very addicting. Its actually one of my favorites. Once i open a pack, I just cant stop picking one after another. On my next assignment, this will be really interesting all because cashew nuts are involved.. Not only cashew, but almonds as well! Oooh yummy! I had an assignment to shoot this really nice food kiosk in SM Mall of Asia called The Nutty Bavarian. At first i was thinking of photographing donuts or something (bavarian - donut.. darn). And to my surprise im shooting nuts! Welcome to The Nutty Bavarian! Lets dig deep onto this delicious dessert! 

Like I mentioned earlier, im addicted to nuts.. whether it may be ordinary peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds.. name it.. i love it! Now they added a certain twist to the already delicious cashew nuts.. they added a dash of cinnamon and sugar, caramelized... Man this is really something, Its so delicious i tell you...

Ms. Jane generously showed me how its done. From the photo above, Jane is slowly pouring the almonds mixed with sugar over a heated water which is constantly stirring using this special machine. 

in a matter of minutes, all of the water evaporated leaving the sugar and cinnamon coated nuts. Jane added some more water and mixed it well. When the nuts is already in the right color.. she poured the nuts onto a tray to let it cool.  Then after a few minutes of mixing, its ready! 

Jane places it in paper cones or in a clear plastic bag to serve.  These nuts are ready to enjoy!

You can also buy the nuts un-coated if you wish. 
Many thanks to Ms. Jane of Nutty Bavarian for the hospitality and of course for letting me taste the different flavors of The Nutty Bavarian. I had a great time with the shoot. Visit their kiosk near the Ice Skating Rink inside SM Mall of Asia. 

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